Tips and advise for any new manager and how to succeed from day one

Duties of Management


Regardless if you are a first time manager or possibly a manager commencing a brand new job there are things you need to be aware of and carry out from day one. Management and administration is an extremely complex and difficult role to succeed at and, from time to time, can be extremely stressful. There will always be new things to learn and challenges to overcome to be able to succeed and turn into a well liked and successful manager.


Set a tone of authority but don’t come on too strong

To become a good manager you need learn how to balance between being attentive to others needs and demands, yet still asserting your authority as a manager. Generally, new managers are inclined to be over assertive when they take on an new management position. Having the ability to balance your authority, role, and duties is a great deal more important in the event you climbed the corporate ladder and now need to manage former peers. Don’t allow the position go to your head.


Be aware that managers cannot be friends with everyone

It is natural tendency and desire to be well-liked by everyone as the new manager. However, you cannot act and behave in the same collegial manner if you expect to exert a certain amount of control and take corrective action when needed and expect to have your employees fully respect you.


Create clear and achievable objectives for your employees

Spend some time to interact and engage with your employees and fellow management so that you can make certain you fully grasp precisely what your employee objectives are. Create objectives, targets and goals that are clear, measurable agreed upon with employees. During times of conflict and uncertainty, which there certainly will be, clear objectives will be helpful to overcome these phases. Clear objectives will prevent any misunderstanding between both you and your employees with regards to their roles, duties and job descriptions.


Act Like A Manager

The most crucial task of a manager is to get to know your employees and in addition they need to know you. The simplest way to accomplish this is to convene daily morning meeting from day one to discuss the goals and objectives of the day and discuss any issues that have arisen and get feedback from employees. A good manager has the ability to create and setup an ethical climate in the workplace which everybody understands and adheres to. Find a a balance between reprimanding and providing negative feedback to employees , while motivating them with positive feedback when it is called for. While you don’t want to go mad with power, you do need to become comfortable with the power you now have.


Get to know your employees individually

Take time to meet with employees individually to discuss their positions, roles, duties and what is expected of them. Also ask employees what they expect from you. Talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the department and find out what they need from you to enhance their productivity. Get to know individual employee strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage of and feed on the strengths of each employee to maximize their performance, while at the same time assist each employee to improve upon their pitfalls and weak points.


Be clear about your management role and duties

Any new management positions comes with a new boss. Consult with your boss and find out precisely what is expected of you, your role and duties. Understand what the goals and objectives are associated with the management position. Have an understanding of precisely what decision powers you have and when it is advisable to consult with your boss. Identify the most important goals of the department.


Discuss and compare leadership styles with your predecessor and employees

Every person and manager has their own unique way of leadership. As time passes, employees become familiar with a managers leadership style and way of doing things. With any new manager, employees need to adapt and understand a different set of expectations and preferences. To overcome this change, new managers need to discuss the changes in an open format and individually to ensure that the team can get accustomed to the changes in management.


Create an open communication environment in the workplace

The majority of us who have been working for a while can concur that not all working environments and places have good quality open communication system in place. Open communication really helps to bring about trust between managers and employees, as well as amongst employees and as a group. Open communication is not a license or permission to create chaos. Rather it creates a workplace and environment where employees feel valued and respected for their thoughts and opinions. But bear in mind, in the end of the day, the manager is till the boss. Good communication in the workplaces helps to foster ideas and innovation.


Understand the corporate cultures, rules and environment

Be clear about the existing corporate culture and norms. Managers, particularly those who are new to a company, can destroy their careers if they fail to adapt to the corporate culture and norms. When you interview for the job and position, ask questions about the corporate culture. Speak the outgoing manager to get some hints and tips about the norms and culture of the company.


Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help

Management is an extremely complex and stressful function to master. All management positions are challenging and there are invariably problems and issues that will arise every now and then. Fortunately, there are a variety of resources where one can turn to in an effort to seek help and advise. You can turn to your own manager, a mentor whom you trust, or other veteran managers with years of knowledge and experience.


Look Like A Manager

With any management positions there is always an amount of authority that comes with the position. You can reinforce this by the way you dress. We all know that depending on the industry, location, company culture, etc; the dress code will differ. The one constant is that a manager is expected to dress “better” than those he or she manages. If you are new to a company make sure you understand the company culture, dress code and rules prior to your arrival.


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