Gauteng improving the quality of learning and teaching in province

Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy
Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy


Gauteng school results continue to show improvements due to direct intervention by the Gauteng Education Department. Both the quality of learning and teaching are showing signs of improvement as a result of the innovation and hard work by the department. The MEC for education, Barbara Creecy, is confident that the strategies adopted by the department to improve the learning and teaching in the province is moving in the right direction and will improve the chances of learners succeeding at school.

Success at school will create an environment whereby pupils will have the confidence to continue with their education and succeed in their adult lives.  During the past year, the Gauteng Education Department has made numerous advances to meet it goals and objectives of creating an equitable and quality education system and will, over time, add to and contribute to a better life and living standards for people in the province.

For the fourth straight year, the Gauteng Education Department has received a financially unqualified audit with a few findings on compliance, as well as a clean audit report in the Audit of Performance Information, with no findings. Creecy is quoted as saying that the department is very proud and pleased by the clean audit report. The department continues to show improvements in service delivery thereby adding to the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom and province.

One of the main achievement of the department is the universal levels of female participants in schools over the past 5 years and is ranked amongst the highest levels globally. The department delivered education services to 2807 institutions and roughly 2.3 million learner in 2012. About 220 000 were from independent institutions including special schools. Learner enrollment has also shone sign of improvement increasing by 2.6% 2012 as compared to 2011.

Creecy said that the department is not resting and is planning to intensify the department’s delivery plans and strategies, and is very optimistic that the province will achieve better results when it comes to quality learning and teaching in the classroom.



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