Social Media tips and advise we can learn from Richard Branson

Richard Branson with Nelson Mandela promoting 46664 campaign
Richard Branson with Nelson Mandela promoting 46664 campaign


You don’t need to be a big brand or have a large budget to succeed in your social media campaigns and strategy. We are all aware that it takes numerous hours to create quality content, engage on the many social networks and sustain online relationships that bolster and support your business goals and objectives. Here are some tips that we all can learn from Richard Branson to improve your presence across social media.

Social media has developed over the years into one of the fastest ways a business, large or small, can generate interest and awareness for their products and brands. In a recent blog post by Sir Richard Branson, he offers a few tips that anyone involved in social media can learn from and leverage your social media message across different platforms.


Tell stories

Sometimes there is too much emphasis placed on data, facts and numbers. Even though this is important, let the facts and figures be the base of the article and start with a story to attract the attention of your readers. “People respond to stories, not data.”


Be Creative

Try to prevent yourself from getting to hung up about being too professional and serious. We are only human and people out there identify and understand this. Don’t be afraid to “Experiment with new ways of telling your stories and make the most of all the new tools out there like Tumblr and Storify”. A good way to get your message across is to visualize your stories via short films, images and audio slideshows. Even if you don’t have a big budget or cash-flow, you can still do a lot with a smartphone and free social tools. Most of all you have to be enthusiastic about what you are doing.


Select the right channel

Be sure to match your message and content with the correct social media platforms and audiences. “LinkedIn is perfect for our stories about entrepreneurship, Twitter supports a broader range of content, and Facebook can get a bit more personal.” Most of all, never forget to communicate and engage with your your audience and followers across all social media platforms.


Be honest and truthful

One of the great benefits and added values of social media today is transparency. Time and time again, we have seen social media exposing the truth about individuals to try to deviate form the truth. Besides, people are far more interested the truth as apposed to fiction.


Work Together

I modern society it is extremely difficult to succeed alone. “Fuel your efforts by collaborating with people and organisations who are fighting for the same cause.” Make use of hashtags to gain support and attract people’s attention when it comes to time critical events or social and community gatherings.


Have fun and enjoy

If you have read any of Richard Branson books, one thing that is evident and crucial to his success is the fact that whatever you are doing must be fun. “Virgin was built on the belief that work should be fun – and that making work fun brings success.” When you are having fun at work and your job, it will bring out the passion from within and your audience and customers will respond to this. “if you are having fun, your followers will have more fun too.”

Do it yourself

If you look at successful leaders around the world engaging in social media, they all have one thing in common, they never delegate the responsibility of social media. Try avoid disengaging from your organizations social media and delegating that task and responsibility to public relations managers or PR agencies. When you delegate this vital marketing task to a third party, more often than not, you will find numerous questions, comments, or Tweets go unanswered.


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