Why continuing education can give you a competitive advantage in the workplace

Continuing Education and career advancement


Current employee interest in continuing education is being revived due to the current volatile global economy and tough job market. Given the current uncertainty in the revival of the global economy, many adults are looking to upgrade their skills, knowledge and training and returning to school.

Generally, continuing education is any type of post secondary education for sole purpose of upgrading one’s skills in order to keep up with changes in a specific field or for the purpose of obtaining a certain type of certification. There are some professions that require individuals to continue with their education in order to keep their license valid and up to date. The main objective of continuing educate is to offer offer individuals who already have a diploma or degree the opportunity to upgrade their skills without having to enroll in a degree or diploma program.

In order to compete in today’s workforce, individuals are realizing the importance of continuing education and the necessity to upgrade their skills. Many individuals are realizing that in order to progress in their current jobs they need to continue with their education.

Given the fact that more and more people are obtaining academic degree, in order to compete within the workforce and have a competitive advantage over their colleagues, individual are realizing that their skills need to be current and relevant in the labour market. Continuing education is even more important in those fields that are constantly evolving and advancing, for example technology.

With the internet today, continuing education is becoming extremely convenient and accessible for any professional and learner. Individuals are now able to pursue their education via institutions that offer course online, at a physical location or a combination of both. The internet has provided numerous individuals the opportunity to pursue their education without having to take time off work enabling them to continue earning a salary and supporting a family.

Given the responsibility faced by many individuals to work and raise a family, flexibility of education is one of the key reasons why individuals can pursue with their education and upgrade their current skills. For those people looking to continue with their education need to research and seek out an institution that can meet their educational needs on the one hand whilst also allowing them to meet their personal and professional obligations.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an educational institution or course, is to check the accreditation of the both the institution and the individual course. You might find that a particular institution is accredited for some but not all the course they offer. Once you satisfied with the accreditation of the institution and course, you should seek out programs with experienced and qualified instructors who possess real life knowledge in the specific field. In the case that a you in an industry that has a licensing board or panel, make sure that the individual course is satisfactory and meets the requirements of the licensing committee.

Even though there are costs involved with continuing education, individuals can apply for financial assistance and student loans. Perhaps your employers have a continuing education financial assistance program or policy. These type of program not only help employees but are also a huge benefit for employers. Not only are they helping their employees but they are also gaining the benefits of a more skilled labour force. Financial assistance programs also helps companies to retain staff and boost company moral.

The benefits of continuing education far outweigh any costs involved and you will find that many companies in the private sector are more than willing to pay for your education or reimburse you given the added benefits for the company.


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