Tips and advise for individuals who choose to work from home

Work from Home


Working from home without the traditional employers workspace can offer you greater flexibility and autonomy, however in order to succeed to need to be organized, have excellent time management skills, self discipline and and most of all be a self starter.

Create a designated workspace and station

To assist with your self discipline, it is advised to to create a special area in your home to conduct your work and business. Not only will help to separate your personal life from work, it may also allow you to claim a deduction from the tax authorities.

Develop a daily work regimen and manage your time and work boundaries

It is important to have a daily work regimen so that you can manage your time and work boundaries. You need to avoid being at the beck and call of your clients 24/7. Not having a daily routine and time management discipline can have an enormous effect on your personal life and health. Try avoid falling into a pattern such that you answer calls or emails at any time and any day.

Keep your workplace relationships alive

One pitfall of working form home is that your social interaction with your peers will take a knock and the possibilities of meeting new people in the company will be non existent. To avoid this you need to take the time and make the effort to meet your colleagues for lunch or dinner. In addition, it is far better to pick a phone and have a conversation with your fellow employees instead of sending an email.

Don’t forget to network

Working from home will mean that your networking and social interaction with peers will suffer. In order to maintain your network it is advisable to attend office meeting and company functions or gatherings. Networking and socializing with company peers will avoid the company senior management overlooking you when it comes to promotions and pay hikes.

Increase your retirement savings and retirement annuities

One drawback of being self employed and working for yourself is that you forgo the opportunity of receiving an employers retirement plan to rely upon. Review the tax codes and if permitted take advantage of any retirement savings breaks for self-employed workers. If you an employee working from home you might find yourself not receiving the annual salary increases and you will need to counteract this by setting aside on a monthly basis cash of your own and invest it in your retirement annuity and pension.

Social media and networking

Become active on social networks like the professional network Linkedin and join groups that relate to your industry and work along with other personal interests. Make the effort to engage in the online conversation and debates and post your opinions. Share post by others. Social networking online can help you to develop a online community which, in the long run, can have an enormous effect on your career in numerous unexpected ways.

Improve your technical skills

Working from home could mean that you no longer have the benefit of calling on the companies technical department or IT help desk should you run into any technical glitches or problem. Think about taking a short course to help improve your technical skills or if you are a Mac user, take advantage of the classes and genius bar run by your local Apple retail store.

Make sure your business registration and paperwork is in order and up to date

Make sure that your company paperwork is in order especially your tax registration, business and occupational licenses and don’t forget to ensure that you acquire the necessary permits to run your business from home.


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