SA government urges parents to assist learners with ANA

SA Department of Education


The SA government and cabinet has  urged all parents and guardians to help and assist their children with their preparation for the upcoming Annual National Assessments (ANA).

The literacy and numeracy ANA are scheduled to take place between the 10th and 13th of September and is aimed at assessing learner’s literacy and numeracy abilities and standard for foundation, intermediate and senior phase.

The Annual National Assessments were introduced in South Africa in order to measure and assess the country’s improvement in learning in specific grades and subjects. It is not a measure or test to see if a child should or should not progress to the next grade. Rather a tool for government to measure and evaluate if every learner throughout the country¬† is developing the necessary language and mathematics skills appropriate and required for specific grades.

One of the aims of the ANA evaluations is to identify problems areas of each learner and enable teachers to intervene to assist these learners in specific areas of study.

Acting Cabinet spokesperson, Phumla Williams said – “Parents and guardians must ensure that they engage with the 2013 ANA results as this serves as an important diagnostic tool of learners’ strengths and weaknesses.”


Annual National Assessments 2013
Tee result of last years ANA evaluation painted a dismal picture for the country. The results showed that the national average performance in literacy for Grade 1 was 58% (59% in 2011); Grade 2 – 55% (52% in 2011) and Grade 3 – 53% (35% in 2011).

Following the recent damning report by the Council on Higher Education on the standard of education in the country , this years ANA testing results are even more important for government in order to evaluate the current and future of the country’s education system.

There are a number of tools and learning aids to help parents and guardians available from the Department of Basic Education and can be accessed via the department’s website

The Basic Education Department has already supplied all schools with the 2013 ANA timetable; 2012 ANA report; 2013 diagnostic analysis report; 2013 Assessment Guidelines for teachers to be able to plan for the administration of ANA and 2013 Exemplars for teachers to prepare learners for the administration of ANA.



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