Common mistakes we all make in high school

High school mistakes


You always hear people talking about high school as being the best years of your life. For some individuals, high school is, however for others these years can be extremely difficult and lonely. One thing we all have in common during these years, is that we all make mistakes.

There are those individual and groups of friends who flourish and are able to grow and mature into responsible adults. However, there are those students who, for some reason or another, struggle during these years and only mature and become their own person in college.

High school is a phase of life to grow, learn and experience different things about ourselves, and most of all make mistakes. High school is not the same experience for all individuals. Even though we might share similar experiences, high school has a different effect and is a different experience for each and everyone of us. It is during these formative years that we grow and learn from mistakes.

Here are few examples.

  • You hook up and get together with someone you honestly did not want to or intend to hook up with.
  • You will have negative thoughts about your grades and think that they will haunt you for the rest of your life.
  • You will give in to peer pressure and try drinking or some drug.
  • You will be too shy to ask questions in class because you feel embarrassed.
  • You will argue and fight with a friend over a girl or boy.
  • You will never think about saving money for a raining day.
  • You won’t help or assist someone who is being bullied because of what other might say or do to you.
  • You will argue and fight with your parents or guardian way too much.
  • You won’t participate in or do enough after school activities and sport.
  • You will worry and care way too much about how others perceive, think and talk about you.
  • You will at some point in time wear something that is completely embarrassing.
  • You will drop your closest friend for to be part another group that is way more cool.
  • You will spend too much time trying to hook up with someone.
  • You will think that you are a “know it all” and never stop to listen to anyone’s opinion, thoughts, or advice.
  • You will meet and date someone and think that this is the one for life.
  • You will think that you are too cool and not spend enough time with your siblings.
  • You will allow someone to take advantage of you only because they are an authoritarian figure in your life.
  • You will never let a guy or girl know that you have a crush on them till its too late.
  • You think you completely know yourself, however over time you will change.

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