South Africa education system is failing the nation


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New research has shown that South Africa’s education system is failing the nations and producing a generation of stupid people. According to the World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report 2013, South Africa is the second worst in world when it comes to mathematics and science and 4th worst when it comes to quality of the educational system.

The recent report undertaken by the World Economic Forum has painted a horrifying synopsis of the current education system in the country, especially when it comes to maths and science. Out of a total of 144 countries surveyed, South Africa’s secondary enrollment rate position is 56 and 93 with respect to adult literacy.

According to the recent report, South Africa is ranked worse than most of the world’s poorest countries. If the country want to compete with other countries on the continent, it will need to overcome these significant obstacles, not to mention compete on the international stage. South Africa ranked ahead of only Yemen, Burundi, Libya and Haiti when it comes to the overall quality of education and just pipped warn-torn Yemen when it comes to science and maths.

The top performing nation in Africa in maths and science is Mauritius (49th worldwide) followed closely by Zimbabwe. Even Lesotho managed to outperform South Africa ranking 119th overall.



The Global Information Technology Report 2013


“Sub-Saharan Africa has continued to make significant efforts in building its ICT infrastructure, as reflected by important improvements in developing its broadband infrastructure and the expansion of its mobile network coverage,” the report says. “As a result, ICT usage, while still very low, has picked up slightly, as seen especially by an increase in the number of Internet users and also by the continued commitment of some governments in the region to expand the number of available online services.”

The World Economic Forum report ranks approximately three-quarters of worlds nations and is based upon a country’s state of their information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystems as well as a country’s readiness to use technology.

According to the 2013 report, South Africa moved up 2 placed in the overall ranking to 70. The only african countries to feature in the top half of the recent report with the majority of African nations holding the bottom positions.

Based on the report, the majority of African nations are facing similar obstacles: lack of infrastructure, the cost of connectivity and problems of access and education. Apart from Skills category, South Africa did manage to perform well specifically in mobile phone penetration and its policy and regulatory environment, and efficiency of its legal system in settling disputes, protecting intellectual property and challenging regulations.


To view full report and ranking – CLICK HERE

Source: World Economic Forum


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