Patel urges students to become economic development activists

Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel
Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel


Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel attended a student leadership summit held at the University of Johannesburg and encouraged all student leaders to turn into economic development activists.

Patel spelled out to the students the vital role they play in society. The sheer number of youth passing through the education system is increasing in numbers in addition to joining the workplace and economy. He told students that they have the right, responsibility and obligation to assist, build and shape the economy of the country.

Speaking to more than 200 student leaders at a student leadership summit, Patel encouraged students to adopt and embrace the government’s New Growth Path (NGP) whose objective is to create a transformed, industrialised and jobs rich economy.

Patel continued to speak about the success of government’s plans and ventures to transform the economy and change society is essentially influenced by the ability of all higher educational institutions to teach and train graduates, and upon graduation, they leave with the required skills to help build and contribute to the industrialisation and manufacturing in the country.

Patel admitted that only 640 000 jobs have been created since the government adopted the New Growth Path in 2010. There is still a long road ahead and good deal more really needs to be accomplished by both government as well as the private sector to elevate the rate of job creation and at the same time for the economy to be able to absorb graduating students into the economy.



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