Tips for adults choosing to go back to school

Given the global economic issues and job market today, you will find there’s an increasing number of individuals choosing to return to school to upgrade their skill sets and to further their level of education. Countless people go back to school for many different reasons, for example, to upgrade their skills for promotions, or to improve their marketability in the job market, or have moved positions and need to learn new procedures to mention a few. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are , it is progressively more common for adults to return to school.

For anyone who is contemplating going back to school as a result of career move, or climbing the corporate ladder, it is most likely you will find it a great deal more challenging to go back to school after many years however it is not an impossible task.

Individuals returning to study after many years are likely to be more responsible and need to take into consideration numerous factors prior to enrolling for a course.

Family support – if you are going back to study you can expect to inform your family and friends and receive mixed thoughts and opinions relating to your choice and life responsibilities. Having a good support system around you can often mean the difference between success and failure. Try to avoid individuals that doubt your choices.

Communicate with family and friends – before returning to school talk to family and friends about your life ambitions and goals, and when you do, be honest and open. Family and friends that fully understand who you are more prone to provide you with honest and positive feedback relating to your choices.

Keep motivated and monitor your achievements – in all probability the most challenging element you will face after returning to school after a period of time is how to keep motivated. Tracking your achievements will assist you to keep motivated and focused on your goals and objectives.

Connect with other students – find other individuals who are in the same or similar position as you are and going through the same experience. Attend social events and network with other individuals.

Remain focused and organized – being organized with your course curriculum will assist you to succeed and achieve your goals and objectives. Ensure you know precisely what is required to be done and expected from each and every course. Become aware of your deadlines. Come up with a system that works for you.

Talk to your lecturers and professors – The vast majority of students are apprehensive to approach or ask their professors or instructors any questions. Asking your professor or lecturer for feedback will enable you to monitor how well you’re progressing and to focus on areas that you show a weakness to enable you to modify your study habits.

Time management – One of the most difficult things for an adult returning to study will face is time and management of their lives to allow for their studies. For those students who are working full time and have a family will need to manage their time effectively and efficiently. Create a schedule and discuss it with your family and supervisor or manager at work. There is a possibility that your employer will provide you with time off from work to study.

Use technology and social media – take advantage of the internet, social media tools, and other technologies to help and assist you to keep up to date with your assignments and objectives for each and every course you are taking.

Stress management – should you find yourself overwhelmed, over-worked and stressed out then you need to take a break from your studies. Go out for a meal or movie with family or friends. Go for a walk. Managing your level of stress will enable you to return to your studies with a clear head, focused and refreshed.

Manage exam anxiety – Regardless of how well you have prepared for your exams, exams period is a stressful time period for all students. Prepare ahead of time and do not cram during exam period. Trust yourself and arrive early for each exam. Read instructions carefully and take your time when answering questions.

We all know that higher education is a difficult task regardless of your age and much more for adults returning study. Create a plan, manage your time and be honest with yourself and weaknesses you have to improve upon. Most of all, returning to school as an adult required a positive attitude and self confidence.


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