Bad study habits students need to avoid

Establishing good study habits and techniques at an early age will assist you to flourish in class and attain your educational goals and objectives. Understanding how to study effectively and efficiently is likely to make the difference of you being an “A” students as opposed to a “C” student. Students with bad study habits could end up failing a course or perhaps falling behind everyone else in the class. The following are some bad study habits all students need to steer clear of.

Studying at Home

Studying at home may very well be convenient and easy, however you will find far too many distractions. Regardless of whether you study in your dorm, apartment or house, you will almost always be faced with some kind of distraction. Perhaps it is your talkative roommate or members of the family. The noise of the TV in the next room or perhaps an excuse to do another load of washing. The smallest of distractions in many cases can break you concentration and, in turn, make studying far less effective. Rather go to the library and find a quiet room or space.


When you study it is advisable to focus and concentrate 100%. Multitasking will undoubtedly distract you and break your focus. Avoid listening to music, avoid surfing your favorite social networking websites, avoid IM conversations. Multitasking only causes distractions and breaks your concentration. Studying in silence or possibly a little white noise will enable you to hear your thoughts while focusing without the distractions.


Highlighting points in various colors may possibly help to identify crucial points and make information and facts stand out on a page. Having said that, if you do nothing active with this information it will not do you any good. Highlighting text and passages is not a way of learning. All it does is try convince you that you have studied enough for the day. Make use of the information you have highlighted. Make notes and use flashcards with important words and points. Identify important themes and concepts and create practice essays.


Among the list of worst study habits is eating excessively. Many students eat when they are under stress and as a consequence gain weight. Avoid eating while you are studying. This will keep your hands free and enable you to concentrate on the subject matter without diversions.

Studying in a Group or with friends

A number of students feel that they need to study with a group of friends and are incapable of study alone. Should you choose choose to study in group make perfectly sure that the group members are not co-dependents.

Cramming and Pulling All-Nighters

All students are guilty of this. Research has revealed that cramming all night does little for exam preparation or result in top marks. All night study sessions not only deprives you of valuable sleep and rest for your brain, it also influences your general mood and overall wellbeing. The only way to avoid cramming is to plan and prepare ahead of time.

Not Making an Outline

Those students who make outlines are far more successful and better prepared for exams. Outlines enable you to manage considerable amounts of information, organize ideas, thoughts and concepts, and allow you to present material in a concise and logical manner. Use outlines to organize your thoughts and manage your studying far more effectively.


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