Samsung Academy boosts skills development for electronic engineers

The Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy Johannesburg assists in the fast-tracking of African youths into the job market. The academy has seen numerous students graduate through its doors and has a goal to train and develop 10 000 electronics engineers by 2015.

The academy was set up in 2012 in order to develop and promote skills development in the electronics sector . At the moment the academy offers placements to roughly 240 Grade 10-12 students originating from participating technical schools and 320 students from Further Education and Training (FET) colleges with vocational skills training.


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In addition to that it also provides assistance and skills development options and opportunities to those matriculant who graduated, however, wound up doing menial labour or still unemployed. Samsung, in co-operation with the National Economic Education Trust, has opened the doors and window of hope for numerous students who graduated with exceptional results in Maths and Science however have not been able to find employment.

The academy and programme calls for students to complete 2 hours sessions at the basic, intermediate and advanced training levels every day after school. The programs and courses are supported by the University of Johannesburg and there is hope that the programme will be accredited and officially endorsed by the University.

Moving the economy forward

Samsung Africa’s managing director, Maengdal Bae, remarked that the country is confronting a major dilemma and is facing an urgent need to “fill the supply and demand gap that has emerged between industry’s need for technical skills and the number of students that enter the job market each year possessing these skills”.

Bae continued to speak about how proud and honored the company was to be able to contribute to the the development of scare skills. The students exiting their doors are not only equipped with the world-class skills to build a better future for themselves, but that they will in addition play a vital part in driving the local economy forward.

The academy in Johannesburg is part of Samsung’s Africa strategy to ensure the continents sustainability by contributing to the education and training of local students they intend to build a skilled pool of resources and, consequently, contributing to a competitive global economy. Samsung has also launched training academies in Kenya and Nigeria and is planning to establish training academies in Ethiopia and Cote D’voire with more to come in the years ahead.


Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy 2

The dean of the engineering faculty at the University of Johannesburg, Tshilidzi Marwala spoke about the incredible importance of technical education and that it was the cornerstone of any aspiring developing nation. He commended Samsung and their academy for contributing to the country’s technical backbone.

History has shown the success of the academy and program such that of all the 2012 graduates, Samsung is pleased to state that 100% of students were placed in positions at its service centre, knock-down plant and call centre partners across Gauteng.

“Our ability to provide graduates with employment is only possible because of the nature of the academy programme, which is focused on preparing students for the world of work,” Bae said.

Thank you Samsung!!

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