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In these uncertain economic times companies tend to bemoan the cost of training courses and the time taken out to complete them (with staff out of the office often for an entire working day), but at Staff Training we believe the overall benefits of skills development far outweigh these complaints.

Of course as a training provider we’re likely to say that, but the benefits speak for themselves…


1. Training as a means of Performance Management

When employees are sent on training courses managers become able to hold staff accountable for their individual and team performance. What training does (besides up skill our workers) is provide a baseline for managers to set expectations for their staff, allowing employees’ performance to be managed in a more structured and measurable way.


2. Training for Increased Productivity

Staff who are knowledgeable in their field of expertise, are confident in what they are doing and who know how to effectively listen and communicate, tend to operate at a higher level of productivity, motivation and efficiency.

For companies this higher level of individual productivity and efficiency almost always leads to a direct increase in profits and output.


3. Training for Staff Retention

Companies who invest in their staff through training experience lower employee turnover.

The reason for this is that staff who are trained are shown that their company values them, thus providing them with a sense of loyalty and belonging. People who feel as though their companies have a vested interest in them as people, and would like to see them perform better at their jobs (and make provision for this through training), typically work harder and are more motivated.

In addition to staff retention, training workshops like Customer Care Training can also be linked to customer retention as employees are better equipped to deal with a myriad of situations more effectively.


4. SETA Refunds

Every company that contributes towards the skills development levy (SDL) – which, according to SETA, is, “All employers who are registered with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for PAYE and have an annual payroll in excess of R500 000” – are entitled to claim back a percentage of the costs of staff training from their SETA.


5. Training to Stay Ahead Technologically

We’re living in the digital age and our employees and companies have to keep up with the times or face being left behind. Employees and employers who are able to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the business world have the best chance of success.

Fortunately you don’t have to spend all your time researching new trends and technologies – your training provider will take care of this by incorporating any new developments into their workshops, so all you have to do is attend!

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