Amazon voted ahead of Apple and Google as most trusted US company

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Online retailer Amazon nabbed the premium position for corporate reputation in the latest Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, ahead of companies like Disney, Coca-Cola, and tech rivals Google and Apple.

The Annual RQ is an evaluation tool that records perceptions and views of corporate reputations across industries, involving multiple audiences, and is also adjustable to countries outside of the United States. RQ research measures stakeholder perceptions utilizing 20 attributes which are grouped into six dimensions of reputation. Those dimensions include Products & Services, Financial Performance, Workplace Environment, Social Responsibility, Vision & Leadership, and Emotional Appeal.

The Harris Poll interviewed 14,000 individuals of the general public, evaluating their emotions and thoughts with regards to the 60 most visible companies in the united states. In the previous survey Apple held the top spot in reputation perception among consumers. However this year, Amazon’s composite score of 82.62 narrowly edged out Apple who attained a score of 82.54.


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Amazon led attained top spot in both Emotional Appeal and Products and Services. When it came to the remainder of the dimensions, Amazon placed in the top five performers. As noted by the report, Amazon obtained nearly 100 percent positive ratings on measures associated with trust, in addition to substantial support in Advocacy and Word of Mouth.

Robert Fronk, executive vice president of Reputation Management at Harris Interactive, stated that “Our results show that Amazon has managed to build an intimate relationship with the public without being perceived as intrusive. And as the company that is so widely known for its personal recommendations, more than 9 in 10 members of the public would recommend Amazon to friends and family.”

Apple, falling into second place, placed in the top five companies in four of the poll’s metrics. In Vision & Leadership and Financial Performance, Apple grabbed the premium spot in perception.

In third spot behind Apple was The Walt Disney Company, then followed by Google, Johnson & Johnson, the Coca-Cola Company, Whole Foods, and Sony. Apple scored 82.54 while Google had a score of 81.32, rendering both companies an “Excellent” reputation courtesy of the Harris’ metrics. Down the list was Samsung, Apple’s smartphone and tablet rival, in eleventh place with a score of 77.7, climbing 2 spot from the previous year and attaining a “Very Good” reputation.


Harris Poll Reputation Quotient 2


In the previous survey, Apple and Google placed one and two on the charts, with Amazon trailing in fourth place. Speaking with Yahoo Finance, Robert Fronk mentioned that Apple’s minor drop in reputation is due in no small part to the company’s current drop in the company’s share price given the fact that investors are becoming hesitant in relation to its future earning potential.

For many years Apple’s reputation has been driven by their innovation and the fact that their products and services were always perceived to be ahead of their time in addition to driving the market. Nowadays, in actual fact, financial performance is the dominant driver of the company’s reputation. Not to mention, financial performance can be to some degree out of company’s control, as Apple is discovering.



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