How nannies can exceed their employers expectations

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While employed as a nanny or au pair, you will probably find yourself in situations whereby you are requested to carry out additional tasks or perhaps you identify additional ways that you are able to assist your employer and family out. In many instances, nannies are frequently wary when taking on additional tasks since it could possibly result in an added workload without extra remuneration.

To protect yourself from and avoid any misunderstanding with your employer relating to duties and responsibilities, it is important and advisable to approach and discuss supplemental task and duties with your employer. At the same time, any time you go above and beyond your set responsibilities and take the initiative, it will demonstrate that you are a dedicated and trustworthy employee.


Go the extra mile and assist whenever your family hosts guests.

You can perform small things which will certainly make an impression on your employer whenever your family host guests. Volunteer to inspect the quest bedroom and bathroom to ensure that the sheets and towels are fresh and spotless. Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of tissue and toilet paper and also that the toiletries are well stocked are only a few simple tasks you can perform to assist. Offer to place fresh flowers in the room but be sure to ask about allergies or personal preferences. Make sure that there are a sufficient number of hangers in the closet and ensure that there are additional pillows and blankets are other special ways you can help to ensure that your employers guests are cared for.

In the event your employer have any specific house rules or policies, by way of example, no shoes in the house or pets are not allowed to be fed human food while dining, give some thought to typing up these rules and placing them in the quest room in order that visitors can feel welcomed and comfortable and avoid finding themselves in a situation whereby they can inadvertently do somethings wrong and feel embarrassed. Encourage the kids give you a hand and allow them to feel part of the preparations getting things ready when guests come to visit.


In the event your employer gets sick offer to assist.

At the best of times, being sick and looking after children is no fun and requires a lot of energy. In the event that your employer falls ill offer to pick up any prescriptions from the local pharmacy or offer to carry out any other errands, for instance, running to the grocery store and perform the weekly shopping or collecting or dropping off any garments at the dry cleaners. This will be most appreciated and leave a feeling of goodwill. If you can cook, offer to prepare and freeze some meals with instructions can also be something you can do to show that you care. Stay an extra few hours or so to help prepare meals and assist with kids bath and bedtime. Arrive early to help getting the kids prepared for school if this is not a component of your daily duties and allow your employer sleep in.


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Kids going on a trip? Assist them to get ready for their travels

If the family and kids are going on a holiday you can probably, with minimum effort, come up with a packing list and ensure that the kids are prepared and ready to leave. Offer to lay out the kids clothing and toiletries and help to pack a small bag with appropriate activities and snacks bearing in mind the mode of transportation. Ensure that you check out the expected weather conditions of the destination and pack accordingly. Make sure the baby gear is readily available so that your employers can avoid running into any surprises.

Create and prepare a baby kit which can be used at the host home or hotel will probably be handy and appreciated a lot more than you think. Suggest to your employer about shopping for some new toys, games, coloring supplies and books for the kids for extra entertainment.


Help out during the holidays

It is usually a busy and hectic time throughout the holiday season. Parents may still be working even though the kids are on their school break. Any additional effort on your part will go a considerable way in the eyes of your employer and enable them to get everything accomplished. Assist with the wrapping of gifts and place a note on each present to that your employer can identify and write out gift cards. Offer to prepare and address any holiday cards or packages which need to be mailed. Provide gift suggestions or offer to help shopping for gifts. An additional way to help out is to prepare for and coordinate the post-holiday returns.


Help out around birthday parties and special events

When birthdays are approaching offering to prepare and coordinate parties can take a huge load off your employers already full plate and minimize the pressure and stress. Prepare birthday lists and invitations. Plan games and entertainment. Shopping for and organizing goody bags can also be ways to assist and get ready for birthday parties. Following the party, help by writing out thank-you notes will reinforce good manners and additionally assist to say thank-you in a meaningful and appreciated way.

Keep in mind that before you consider taking on any additional tasks be sure that you take into account the time it will take you to prepare and undertake these additional tasks as well as the time it may take away from the children. Typically, a great number of tasks can be undertaken and performed while the kids are napping or at school, time permitting.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to communicate clearly with your employer when contemplating taking on new tasks and responsibilities with the knowledge that going the extra mile to assist in special circumstances will go a long way and demonstrate that you are faithful and a dedicated employee, not to mention that it could possibly help around bonus time.



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