Manufacturing and tool making course available for matriculants

Nkangala FET College


Nkangala FET College in Middelburg, Mpumalanga is providing tool manufacturing courses for Matriculants who would like to enter into this highly demanded and important sector of the economy and are encouraged to to enrol.

In addition, the college is also hosting an open day for all students thinking about entering into a professional career in manufacturing and tool making. The open day is going to be held at the college’s skills campus on 23 January starting at 9am.

Due to the scarcity of skilled labour within the manufacturing and tool sector, which is a cornerstone of the South African economy; Dirk van Dyk, the chief executive of the National Tooling Initiative Programme is quoted as saying that it is extremely important to promote training and education in this sector.

Manufacturing and tool making provides consumers with practically all items that they normally use in their everyday life and helps to create economic growth, employment and wealth according to Dirk van Dyk.


TDM Powered Programme

Manufacturers all over the country depend upon advanced technology and highly trained individuals in order to produce high quality products and solutions at affordable prices. There happens to be a critical shortage of technically skilled people in the tool manufacturing industry.

The government recognizes this national dilemma and has taken steps to remedy the problem and launched the TDM Powered skills development programme. The programme is an initiative of the Intsimbi National Tooling Initiative in collaboration with the Tool Making Association of South Africa and the Department of Trade and Industry.

The programme runs for three to four years and offers students with the basic core fundamentals and ultimately specialist skills in the tool, die and mould making disciplines to allow them to qualify as toolmaker artisans.

Students that enter and qualify can thereafter pursue careers in a variety of cross cutting sectors including aerospace, automotive, chemical, electronics, leisure, marine, medical, mining and packaging industries. The course offers both theory in addition to practical workshops and on-the-job training. Successful applicants will be rewarded and paid a stipend while doing on-the-job training.

Application forms are available via the website or students seeking more information are encouraged to send all enquiries to


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  1. Look I partly have my N2 in fitting & turning. & I couldn’t complete the cours. But now I would like to try again.

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