Is College Education Really worth the Expense?



Given the fact that college educational costs are dramatically escalating, an increasing number of students are wondering whether or not it is worth choosing to continue with a higher education. The truth is, a college degree continues to be an intelligent investment decision.


Greater Earning Opportunity


It is a known fact that for every dollar an individual spends on college or higher education, will definitely enjoy the benefits of a far higher income return over their lifetime. Ask any investment broker or advisor and they will all agree the fact that the cost benefit analysis is a positive one. In a similar fashion, individuals with a bachelor’s degree generate, on average, 1.6 time more income over a lifetime compared to those with simply a high school diploma. Given the competitive world and current job market, the average earnings of individuals with only a high school diploma is falling. Given this reality, you simply cannot afford not to continue your education a pursue a college or other higher education degree.


Superior Employment Prospects and Rewards


College or university graduates are certainly not just more prosperous – they possess a more expansive selection of careers from which to choose.

The sheer number of work opportunities that necessitate a college degree is growing. On top of that, a number of employment opportunities demand a specialized college degree. The fact remains that employers basically value college graduates higher simply because they possess the skills and knowledge base that high school graduates do not have.

Aside from that, the whole process of enrolled in college generally exposes students to subject matter and areas they otherwise would not have taken into consideration as a consequence opening avenues for rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Acquiring a college degree is an advantage, no matter what major you ultimately choose or industry you intend to enter. And in many cases, should you seek out a job which does not necessarily require a college degree, your training will most likely net you far better pay and benefits when compared with a person with a lower educational background.

As a final point, careers available to college graduates tend to be more prestigious, offer higher salaries, and provide excellent benefits along the lines of health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits. These types of benefits are essential to accomplish financial security and stability, particularly if you have a family.


Significantly better Quality of Life


Many studies have revealed that college or university graduates, without a doubt, benefit from a significantly better health and quality of life, and as a consequence, pass these positive aspects onto their children.

As opposed to individuals with merely a high school education, college graduates have longer life spans, superior diet and health, significantly better access to healthcare, superior economic stability and security, far more prestigious job opportunities, considerably better job satisfaction, far more self-confidence, a great deal more savings, and a lot more time for hobbies and leisure activities. College at the same time has a tendency to produce individuals who are more rational, open-minded, consistent, and cultured.

Aside from that, the offspring of college graduates reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, perform considerably better in school, and are generally more likely to attend college, when compared to the children of high school graduates.

Last but not least, we simply cannot overlook the fact that college can – and ought to be – fun! Enrolled in college offers incredible opportunities to come in contact with new people, acquire new skills, and enable you to discover your own personal areas of interest.

College can also be a terrific environment in which to grow personally, culturally, as well as intellectually. College students, more often than not, also have the chance to study abroad or perhaps to take part in other exciting learning experiences. Aside from that, the college environment encourages students to discover academic disciplines, join student organizations, interact with professors, share ideas within a safe environment, and deal with challenging problems. All of these prepare students to be productive citizens.




Are you currently pondering just how you are going to afford college? Perhaps you should be asking yourself if you can afford not to go, given every one of the benefits associated with a college education.

With the help of grants, scholarships, and financial aid available, college is accessible to just about anyone. And given today’s technology and internet, distance learning or online degrees can be earned whilst working full-time.


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