Western Cape Education Department launches online recruitment system for teachers


The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has launched a brand new online system offering teachers a much simpler and easier solution to do a search for teaching positions in the province and make application for jobs.

The e-Recruitment System is a spin-off from an online application system which had been piloted in 2011 for the filling of promotion posts. The brand new system was created and fine-tuned as a result of analysis and findings of the pilot.

Department spokesperson Bronagh Casey explained that the purpose of the e-Recruitment system is to recruit the best teachers as well as to minimize the stress and paperwork associated with making an application for a teaching post.

Showcasing some great benefits of the new system, Casey explained that the e-Recruitment System makes it possible for teachers to capture and store their CVs online. Additionally, they are capable of editing and updating their CVs via the online network.

Teachers are going to have the ability to submit an application for a specific job post online as well as link their latest CVs with their application. The system will instantaneously generate a letter acknowledging receipt of an application for a post. On top of that, applicants will not have to make copies of records and documents for each application they submit. Furthermore, they will not be forced to pay postage costs or stand in queues to submit applications prior to closing dates. The system will allocate a unique identification number to every teacher profile on the network.

The department is encouraging all teachers to begin the process of compiling their CVs on the e-Recruitment System from 1 December 2012. Applications will be able to be submitted online from 1 January 2013.

Casey pointed out the fact that the new system demonstrated the on-going innovation by the department as it sought to enhance the manner in which it recruited and employed staff.

Earlier successes included boosting the number of vacancy lists provided by the department to no less than five a year, as opposed to twice a year prior to 2010.

Technology and innovation has assisted the education department to accomplish a substantially speedier turnaround time for permanent appointments, and at the same time avoid unnecessary utilization of contract staff. In the past, the department was forced to wait, on average, six months or more to fill a post permanently. In addition, the department furthermore reduced the turnaround times for the filling of principal posts from at least six months to three months on average. Every one of these actions has assisted to considerably stabilize the entire system.

The brand new e-Recruitment System has made it simpler for the department to optimize their paper based systems and made it simpler for the department to manage the entire recruitment process and numbers involved. This is a huge leap forward for the education department and teacher alike.

To look for a job or post your CV today on the brand new e-Recruitment System – CLICK HERE

Source: SAnews.gov.za


4 thoughts on “Western Cape Education Department launches online recruitment system for teachers

  1. I have been trying to Login or Register on the WCED E-recruitment website for the last few days but have not succeeded. Could you please give me advise on how to apply?

    1. To Wilna du Plessis

      Thank you for your comment and apologies for delay getting back to you. try calling their Help Desk number as listed in the website 0861 923 322.

      My Dream Course Support Team

    1. To Aubrey Cloete

      We suggest you contact Western Cape Education Department directly.

      Thank you,

      Ian and My Dream Course Support Team

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