Integrated School Health Programme provides learners access to healthcare

President Jacob Zuma unveiled the Integrated School Health Programme (ISHP) with the purpose of ensuring that pupils have access to primary health care services.

Presented under the concept, ‘Taking responsibility for our learners’ health and wellbeing’, the programme  ensures that obstacles to successful learning is going to be something of the past.

A large number of young boys and girls have to deal with difficulties to optimal health and development as a consequence of the HIV and Aids epidemic, violence along with injuries and non-communicable diseases.

In accordance with the Presidency, enhancing of school health services via the ISHP can be described as an essential component of the primary health care restructuring strategy within the Department of Health and the Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL) Programme within the Department of Basic Education.

The Department of Social Development is going to be in charge of providing assistance to learners to gain access to services, especially where financial barriers prevent accessing services. In addition to providing transportation to health facilities wherever necessary.

The ISHP will provide products and services which includes:

  •  eyesight, hearing and oral hygiene;
  •  immunisation (for foundation and intermediate phases);
  •  deworming (for foundation and intermediate phases);
  •  treatment of minor ailments, particularly skin conditions (all phases);
  •  therapy for sexual and reproductive health problems and provide  services by way of mobile health units
  •  preventing drug and alcohol use and abuse.

The ISHP additionally is designed to separately evaluate each and every student once in the course of each one of the four educational phases. Supplemental personal evaluations are going to be provided to all learners who happen to be repeating grades, at the request of an educator and / or parent or even the learner him/herself.

The Presidency revealed that the assessment during the foundation phase will focus primarily on identifying health barriers to learning, as well as identifying children who have or are at risk for long-term health, psychological or any other issues.

“Although the ISHP initially targets the most disadvantaged schools, the plan is that it eventually reaches all learners,” said the Presidency.

The National Health Insurance  is geared towards accomplishing universal coverage of health services in a  cost-effective and equitable way for all South Africans in a fashion that will guarantee quality of health care in the public service.



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