Career management – choosing between a university or technical school

A predicament facing numerous high schools graduates when considering to continue their education is the choice between University versus a technical school. There are a number of issues to consider including cost, the amount of time required, one’s life situation, and career goals.

Before making any choices it is important for students to research and understand the differences between technical schools and the pros and cons of each with regard to their future careers. Career management and a thorough understanding of the two is essential for any high school graduate and will be beneficial any students career planning.

When confronted by this dilemma of making a choice to attend a university or technical school depends, in most cases,  on a few factors:

  • Time one has to dedicate to schooling
  • Current financial situation
  • An individual’s personal life circumstances
  • Your personal career goals and objectives



The major difference between opting for a university or technical school is that a bachelors degree at a university will require at least 4 years. Whereas a technical degree may be accomplished in only 2 years. The other major factor and difference between the two is that, in many cases, even though a bachelors degree is not intended to prepare a student for the job market, in general, there is a better chance of gaining employment and higher salary.

There are several excellent underlying factors – as an example, medical bills or family commitments – which makes investing a lesser amount of time and entering into the workforce at the earliest opportunity is just common sense. A technical degree can offer training in a variety of career fields which provide fantastic opportunities for employment.



Without a doubt the money necessary for a university education is yet another contributing factor which often may make a technical degree appear more desirable in comparison. More often than not technical school tuition is more affordable – and in many cases, a lot less costly – when compared to the cost of university tuition. Coupled with the time factor – two years of attendance as opposed to four – and the desirability could possibly grow substantially more.

Having said that, for an individual who seeks to acquire a university degree however simply can’t afford it, obtaining a technical degree in two years and having the capacity to work could possibly make it possible for individual to attend a part-time university or even the option to save a sufficient amount of money to cover the costs and attend a  university full-time, and possibly only work during the summer vacations.


Personal life circumstances

Regardless of whether a stay-at-home mom is considering entering the work force the very first time, a retired individual is thinking about a second career, an individual has come to be unemployed and requires a quick fix to enter back into the workforce, or perhaps an individual skilled in one area simply desires to broaden his or her horizons to open additional career opportunities, technical schools could be a better alternative.


Career Goals and objectives

But most of the reasons to choose between a university education and a technical school education are generally based on an individuals personal career goals and objectives.  The individual who wishes for a professional degree, for instance a law degree or an M.D., to become a teacher or administrator in a school, to attain a management position in any field, whose ambition is a theoretical understanding of the sciences, or perhaps who is enthusiastic about the majority of areas in the humanities, is far more likely to attend and required to obtain a university degree instead of a technical school degree to be able to pursue his or her career goals and objectives.

On the flip side, the professions that necessitate a technical degree may perhaps be best pursued as a result of attending a technical school. The individual who desires to be a chef, an auto mechanic, or a hair dresser most likely are not going to achieve this if they attend a university.


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