How Valuable is Training to Your Business


Have you identified the areas in your workforce that are in need of training? Do you know the value of ongoing training for your staff?

Besides the obvious benefits, like more efficient and productive staff, there are also other spin-off benefits for both your business and your workforce when you invest in training.


How is ongoing training good for your business?


Training your staff invariably leads to a better performing business with improved levels of customer care, better  figures and smoother internal communications.

Besides better results, however, training your staff, even one at a time, can have profound effects on your business. Take for example a manager who attends a Management workshop and is then able to instill better working practices in his or her staff…

This not only applies to management training but indeed for all. When investing in training you should also consider the knock-on effects it will have on employees who work with the individual who has been trained, as the skills acquired tend to filter down to these individuals as well.

It also benefits businesses to invest in training in South Africa as they are able to claim back from their Skills Development Levy (which all working South Africans contribute to), defraying much if not all of the initial investment in training. (for more info on SDLs CLICK HERE. *Please see the note at the end of this article about accredited training providers).


How is ongoing training good for your staff?


Giving new skills to your staff through training not only increases the quality of their contribution to the organisation but also increases their own levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Training can also lead to better staff retention as employees feel that since you’re investing in training for them they must be worth something to the company, and they are also given the opportunity to grow and advance into new positions within the business, e.g. supervisory/management positions.
Staff Training is a South African soft skills training company.


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*Note: There is a belief that employers can only claim their levies back when making use of accredited providers. This is not entirely correct. In the Government Gazette (No.20865 of 7 February 2000) it is made clear that the Skills Development Levies Act provides for recovery of the levy payment based on the submission of Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs), Workplace Skills Implementation Plans (WSIPs) and the submission of the names of skills development facilitators (SDFs), not on the basis of making use of accredited providers and NQF-aligned learning programmes.


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