How to fit in at a new job

You have landed a new job and motivated to get going and build on your new career. When you finally overcome your new employee anxiety and get used your new space, you will discover it will require a lot more than huge smiles and kind words to fit in.

Listed below are handful of ideas to consider as you make the transition.

Don’t complain. Avoid whining or complaining to fellow employees at the office. Rather discuss any job challenges or work related difficulties with friends, family or trusted colleagues in other companies, outside of your new work environment. Refrain from whining about an excessive amount of work, way too many assignments or very long hours at your workplace. The simple truth is, nobody actually cares just how much you need to do considering that everybody else has their own work, assignments, and long hours to deal with. Steer clear are becoming too friendly with other whiners in your new company.

Demonstrate passion and energy for the position, business or industry you are in now. Individuals who have a passion for the job they perform display an interest to learn more and will in the end perform better at the job. If you are not willing to get involved and have meaningful conversations relating to your job or the industry, most likely you will not be happy.

Let your manager know what you are doing and request feedback. Perform task and duties that are pertinent and important to the company mission statement. At the same time, ensure that your efforts are being noticed. It may take some time before you settle down at your new job, as long on the way your are in sync current company work flow. Also, be sure that you are not being taken advantage of and taking on projects from individuals who are attempting to hand off their responsibilities and work responsibilities.

Time Management. If you have a tendency of always being late for meeting or getting to work on time, i is imperative that you focus and change this behavior pattern. Arrive at work on time if not early. Return back to your desk punctually after lunch break. And never leave the office early. Be punctual for meetings and work harder on your own time if you need to. Needless to say the modern labor force is a lot more about productivity than time invested in the office, however it is still advisable to demonstrate to others you respect their time.

Avoid talking about your old job, company or even worse in a class. This is not an easy task to do, however it is something you will grasp sooner or later. Generally people are not always interested to hear ideas that originated from your old job, old company or worse the classroom. No doubt your experience and prior knowledge will show in your work, however , limit discussing where your skills originate from. Rather credit publications, the media or a conference, but not your old job, company or class for new ideas.

It is a given that none of these recommendations are cast in stone. In addition to your job requirements and due diligence to perform your job well, you should take into consideration other workplace practices that will either speed up or slow your assimilation in your new work environment.


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