New Job centre unveiled to assist unemployed youth


The Gauteng Department of Social Development launched the first of 20 job centres to tackle the unemployment and poverty among the many youth in the province.

The job portal – called Lulaway Job Centre – can be described as a walk-in center furnished with computers and operated by trained young graduates on Louis Botha Avenue in Johannesburg.

The objective of the department is to sign up and train 8000 young job hunters by the end of this financial year. They also aim to place 5000 of these new trainees in a variety of long term positions in the private sector. Currently there are at least 107 private sector companies who have taken a pledge to assist and support the project.

The centre’s have a number of services on offer for job seekers. Individuals will have the ability to create an account on the job portal, receive career guidance, conduct screening tests. They will also be assisted with job placement and job counselling. Free assessments are available to make certain that the younger generation pursue careers that complement their skills and attributes..

One of the exceptional features of the job centre model is to make sure that entry level positions are only accessible to the unemployed youth.

The department is planning to open 20 job centres throughout the province including areas like Thembisa, Khutsong, Kagiso, Kwa-sokhulumi, Devon, Mamelodi, Diepsloot and Sicelo (Midvaal). Centres will be opened in existing development centres, Thusong Centres and Business Enterprise Centres since they are closer to local communities.


Mokoena stated it was essential for people looking for work to possess skills along the lines of problem-solving, creativity, synthesis and analysis. “We need to increase access to information and to ensure that job seekers are equipped with the relevant knowledge and marker related skills,” he said.

Given the current unemployment level, it is imperitave that local employers engage with young people looking for work, and make certain that they possess appropriate credentials and practical knowledge to advance the economy, as well as enhance their lives.

“We are concerned about limited employment opportunities for young people. They need to take cognisance of what job opportunities are available in the marketplace, and they should also seek more job opportunities and capitalize on their personal strengths,” Mokoena said.

The new job centres needs to be seen as a part of a larger strategy to ensure that the younger generation survive the challenges of the globalized economic. According to Mokoena, way too many young adults end up locked into poverty and unemployment as a result of ignorance along with the lack of information.

“The department is urging individuals to visit the centres and take advantage of the services offer. The main goal is to seek information and make an informed decision.

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