Well known Career Management misguided beliefs

Almost all people do not believe in career management or fully understand its importance; they only rely on career damage control – which translates to mean in the event that something goes wrong, only then will they remedy it. Until such time, the majority of people do not take the trouble to deal with their careers to avoid disasters from taking place from the get go.

The following are a few common misguided beliefs pertaining to career management:

The most qualified canditates get the job – This just isn’t accurate. It is not important how qualified you happen to be for the position. What makes a difference is the manner you have presented yourself throughout the interview process. Qualifying criteria is not the only requirements for finding decent employment, other considerations such as dedication, self-confidence and mental attitude likewise matter.

Recruiters will be adequate for job hunting – Simply no, they are certainly not. Agreed, recruiters will assist you and lead you in the best way possible, however, you simply cannot leave it entirely up to them to find the best employment opportunity avaliable. Be proactive and take control of your job-hunting process.

Education stopped after graduation – This cannot be more incorrect. It is advisable to continuously work at your professional education to sustain a competitive edge. Read trade magazines, write articles and reviews for applicable publications, enroll in seminars, and carry on with certificate and training courses.

You don’t need to network – Networking is vital to every business as well as for every individual. Being a career oriented person, you should constantly network. It happens to be just about the most crucial elements of career management.

The most lucrative paycheck is always offered – This is simply not the case. The fact is that the vast majority of employers present you with a low salary merely to see your negotiation skills. It is really an old trick of the trade, where the employers determine whether or not the applicant has done a sufficient amount of research from every angle.

No more than a resume is required – All people looking for work will need to have a number of tools for job hunting and the resume is simply one of these tools. Various other resources include things like cover letters, work adn individual references and so forth.

You don’t need to work at a career simply because you have a job – This might be the most significant blunder individuals make – and possibly even the most widespread mistaken belief. This manner of thinking is a disaster waiting to happen. No one can predict or foresee a company downsize or or perhaps even being let go from your current job, consequently unless you have a very good career plan then you are in significant trouble. Ensure that you devote more time to managing your career despite the fact that have a job. Perform small aspects such as update your resume and networking with peers.

Employers are in charge of defining career paths – Absolutely no, employers usually are not accountable for anything with the exception of getting the job done. You happen to be only person who is answerable to getting your career on the right path as well as defining the way you would like your career to go.

Job Security follows good performance – This isn’t the case, particularly in an economy where downsizing, mergers and outsourcing are most often the order of the day. Basically, no individual has a secure job, regardless of how well you carry out your work. It is important to take a hands-on approach by managing your career the right way to guarantee security.

Jobs are very easily identifiable – The majority of people believe that employment opportunities are posted on the Internet or advertised in newspapers. THis belief is simply not true. A very small percentage of jobs avaliable are actually advertised in this fashion. Most individuals identify jobs by simply networking.

By continuing to keep under consideration the above mentioned misguided beliefs, it is easy to prevent them and keep your career on the right path and ensure success.


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