7 million pupils scheduled to write ANA exams

More than seven million pupils in Grades 1 to 6 and Grade 9 are going to write this year’s Annual National Assessments (ANAs), planned to be written between 18 and 21 September.

The Department of Basic Education has prioritised the ANAs, which puts literacy and numeracy skills of the country’s young learners to the test, as a crucial method for overseeing and keeping track of the accomplishment of the goals set in the department’s action plan.

As reported by the department, the objective of the assessments is to ascertain an objective national benchmark by which to calculate literacy and numeracy achievement levels.

ANA evaluation is undertaken by the education department to ensure that progress can be correctly assessed and appropriate intervention designed and implemented where it is actually required.



The ANA definitely won’t be utilized for promotion to the next grade, rather as a guide for teachers to recognize challenges in curriculum coverage as well as to inform their lessons in the classroom.

Teachers will mark these assessments based on instructions furnished by the department, and parents will receive ANA results before the end of October.

The department also explained that the School Governing Body (SGB) will receive, at the start of each year, a written report from the district office which will make it possible for schools to compare its ANA results to those of other schools within the same district.

The department has called out to all parents and guardians to rather encourage their children instead of placing them under any pressure.

Parents need to boost their children’s confidence along with their individual abilities and make certain that their children comprehend that these are not examinations whereby they can pass or fail, but rather tests to determine whether they have any issues with literacy and numeracy while they are still in primary school.

The department in addition has made certain that teachers have the ability to sufficiently prepare for this year’s assessments.



In order to assist learners and parents, the department has made the following resources available on its website:


  •  A qualitative report on what learners were not able to do in ANA 2011 and how these can be improved.
  •  Three sets of test exemplars which illustrate the scope, depth and testing techniques used in ANA tests for each grade.
  •  A complete exemplar test of Mathematics and language for each grade.
  •  ANA guidelines which indicate the expected curriculum coverage at the time of ANA administration which will be at the end of the third quarter of the school year.

To view resources go to the department’s website CLICK HERE


Source: BuaNews


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