Transform yourself and be the SMART student

When you browse around your classroom, you will realize that there are always a handful of students succeeding in each and every course. Exactly what can you do to end up like them?

Easier than you think: Simply do the things they’re doing!

Intelligent students possess well-patterned study skills, beginning with lecture time. Listed below is a number of tips and advice to assist you to completely transform into the smart one in lectures. Take advantage and reap the benefits of classroom time.

Come prepared – before arriving at your lecture you must preview the required reading, this is basically the primary distinction between A’s and B’s.

Rewrite the headings in the form of questions – The questioning headings and subheadings triggers your critical thinking in addition to expand your understanding.

Maintain your questioning mind – when you preview the required reading, create a list of questions. Seek out the solutions to these questions during lectures. At the same time write down the questions about the instructor’s lecture as it goes.

Write your lecture notes after – during lectures take simple notes and finish them immediately after class when all the facts and ideas are still fresh in memory.

Take a seat right in front of the class – This tends to help you stay focused and additionally interact a lot more. It truly is what smart students do.

Come up with a master list of questions – Seek out the answers to those questions during lectures and reading.



Do not be a lecture skipper – Simple rule , never skip lectures. This is usually a recipe for failure. Likewise don’t bother to record the lecture in tape or MP3. Being conscious of the fact that you are planning to re-listen to the lecture at a later stage provides you with an excuse not to listen carefully during lecture time. Also you cannot study your instructors body language via a recording.

Take notice of the instructor for exam clues – Make a list of the vital concepts as suggested by your instructor. If you pay attention to your lecturer and listen, you will know when an exam tip has been provided.

Generate a master list of keywords – An understanding of key concepts along with their inter-relationship provide you with a true mastery of that chapter. Make use of flash cards for quick reference and reminders.

Ask questions in lectures – Don’t be scared to raise your hand. The more you ask the smarter you get. There is also a likelihood that your question will provide answer to questions of classmates.

Get noticed by your instructor – Arrive early and remain behind after class to ask questions and be of assistance to the instructor. Let him or her know your name. Take advantage of office hours. You will not only pick up tips along with a deeper understanding of the course you are taking; when it comes to assigning your grade, it really helps.

Regardless of what course you are taking all of these study tips will provide you with a competitive advantage over other students. Get the most assistance you need directly from your instructor in class.

Be intelligent, do precisely what the smart students do!


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