Do you have a question or complaint for President Zuma

Since its inception, the Presidential Hotline continues to affect the day-to-day lives of ordinary citizens, and at the same time helping to make government significantly more accessible.

Based on the most up-to-date statistics, the hotline has an all round case resolution rate of just about 80 percent, which is actually a major milestone in the history of the hotline ever since its establishment in September 2009.

Since 31 January 2012, the hotline has received an overall total number of 122 589 calls nationwide with the case resolution rate standing at 79.89%. This is a significant change for the better since 2009, when the resolution rate was a a mere 39%, the Presidency announced.


The vast majority of complaints typically have to do with housing, unemployment, water and electricity problems, law-related matters and education.

The vast majority of calls orginate from KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, which can be related to the population size.
The Presidency attributed the achievements of the hotline to more effective coordination at Directors-General and senior management level of government. In addition, responsiveness reports have been regularised on the agenda of Forum of South African Directors-General.

“We are slowly but surely making progress and living up to President Jacob Zuma’s promise that individuals are going to have a platform to communicate with government and end up getting the help they deserve. As we have begun with our frontline service delivery monitoring, the hotline provides us with excellent data on which areas need immediate attention and we will respond,” says Minister in the Presidency: Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Collins Chabane.


Generally, it requires 67 working days to resolve an issue that has been recorded with the hotline. Having said that, there are actually queries which receive immediate response such, as request for information on government services.

To make certain that the hotline operates optimally, the Presidency said that it is going to boost the number of call agents from 20 to 30 as of June this year. This will see an expansion to 15 agents per shift working on two shifts a day.

The complaints are subsequently utilized by the Department for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation as a source of information to access government services along with a viewpoint to further improve responsiveness.

The Presidency admitted the fact that it is conscious that a great deal more still needed to be performed to achieve a 100% call resolution rate, and it has given the assurance that it is working hard to make sure that every person receives a response.

The Presidential Hotline can be reached on 1 7737.

Source: BuaNews

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