Haum of Yoga Valentines Day Special

Workshops and events galore….Haum of Yoga is committed to bringing you experiences that pull you deeper into all styles of yoga, different approaches that might resonate with you a little stronger and move you to take the steps deeper into yours Self – toward liberation…moksha…personal freedom – yoga is a tool for dealing with suffering, an attitude for living life, a connection to a community to make the path easier.


One could treat this day, just like any other…but then why would you do that and miss out on all the play that is available at Haum of Yoga:

Step 1: any Fourways or Bryanston class on February 14th – bring a friend or partner for FREE.

Step 2: Arrive at the correct time on Feb 14: as evening classes at Bryanston are reduced to give time for romantic dinners….Bryanston 4.30pm class is 1 hour. 6.30pm class will START AT 6pm and end at 7pm. Fourways classes will stay the same.

Step 3: Bryanston – Enjoy a class with BOTH Bianca and Kerry facilitating the evening classes. We will bring in fun funky poses to play in. In Fourways, enjoy Caroline’s fun lighthearted playasana class!



Please note that there will be schedule changes (dates, times, or teachers, or length of class as well as additions) from today, for all 3 studios!

For more information and bookings for our classes and events, please send us an email to info@haumofyoga.co.za

Thank you!

Kerry and the Haum of Yoga team


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