Coca-Cola Retains Title as World’s Most Valuable Brand


Bloomberg unveiled Interbrand’s Best Global Brands of 2011 report. The rankings are derived from five criteria and don’t include privately owned brands. The current recession has provided marketing executives throughout the world with the most challenging test of their careers. A number of brands have excelled amid the difficult times-or at the very least held their own. While others have fallen an unexpected number of spots in the latest report compiled by consultancy Interbrand. However, for seven brands, remarkable performances saw them race up the charts to take their place on this year’s list.

The majority of the top 10 have retained their positions from last year. Coca-Cola retains the #1 spot, followed by IBM, Microsoft, Google, and GE. Despite the fact that there aren’t a great deal of differences on this year’s list, you will discover a couple of unexpected surprises. Nissan, John Deere, and HTC are new on this year’s list, ranking at 90, 97, and 98, respectively.


Out of all the brands listed, Apple experienced the most significant growth and second biggest jump in the rankings. In a year when the majority of brands moved no more than a few spots in either direction, Apple leaped amazingly nine places becoming the eighth most valuable brand globally. With an amazing 58% improvement in brand value, Apple leaped from 17th place last year to break into this year’s top 10.

Amazon too experienced incredible growth, jumping 10 spots to come in at No.26 on the list, having a year-over-year value increase of 32%. Microsoft and Google finished in third and fourth respectively, with Microsoft slipping 3% and Google increasing 27% as compared to 2010.

Apple’s tremendous increase is extraordinary, but not all that unexpected, considering the year the company has experienced. What is going to be interesting is to see where Apple is ranked the same time next year, taking into consideration the adjustments to the company at the end of 2011.

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