Tips to Save Electricity in your Household

Every year electricity gets more and more expensive. Read on to find out how you can save electricity and money with this handy selection of energy saving tips.


Say No to Unwatched Television or Radio: Many individuals have a tendency to leave the television and radio unattended in the living room while they are in a different area of the home! The appliances are serving no one.

Make use of Ceiling Fan: Cuts down on the use of air-conditioner if at all possible. Make use of a ceiling fan as an alternative simply because it uses significantly less electricity. Consequently, lower electricity bill month after month.

Washing laundry with Hands: Washing machines seem like the best option with regards to laundry. Make an effort to to do laundry by hand especially if ther is not too much and easy to wash. Alternatively, accumulate laundry and wash it in one shot, making use of the washing machine.

Minimize using the geyser: The geyser is probably the the one appliance that uses the most electricity. In the event the weather conditions are not cold, bath with cold water. Instead of taking a bath rather take a shower. Make use of an egg timer to reduce shower time. Switch off your geyser when not in use.

Use Natural Sunlight to dry your clothes: Dry your clothes in the sunshine as opposed to putting them in the dryer. Ultraviolet ray also helps to kill bacteria.


Use “Energy saver” Bulb: Switch the normal fluorescent bulb to the long life ‘energy saver’ bulb. Receive the exact same amount brightness but bill lower your monthly electricity bill.

Regularity to Refrigerator: The refrigerator is not your cupboard. Avoid opening and closing your refrigerator frequently. Take out everything you need all at once – ingredients, food or whatever it is in one go. It contributes greatly to saving on your electricity bill in addition to preserving the content of your refrigerator fresh.

Sleep Mode On: In the event the that your desktop or laptop do not have overnight completing tasks, set your computer to enter into “sleep mode”. Better yet, shut down your computer overnight and save a little money!

Turn off Lights: Remember to turn off lights at all times when leaving a room.You can always turn them on when re-entering the room.

Switch Off Plugs : Switch off all the plugs that are not being used. Regardless of whether it is connected to the cellphone charger, camera charger or anything. This is to prevent the utilization of electricity despite the fact that in is in standby mode.


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