Interview Skills – Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Are you getting ready for that interview? Do you know to prepare so that you look like you are ready to handle that job no matter what?

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in business, recreating yourself in business or trying to KEEP yourself competitive, the rules of engagement still apply. It’s the little things that add up to a lot in developing your reputation and selling yourself. Maintain a positive image, follow these 10 easy, effortless tips and you will be well on your way to creating a reputation that communicates success every time!

10 Ways To Show Up For Success

  1.     Maintain a regular haircut schedule. Don’t get your haircut the day before an interview, if you somehow get a ‘bad’ haircut, you’ll be more worried about how your hair looks than the interview.
  2.     Keep your shoes polished and current. Men, a well polished leather lace up shoe will transcend the decades. Ladies, make sure that your shoes are not scuffed or worn at the heels.
  3.     You clothing must FIT your body. No bulging tummy, no pulling or gaping holes from fabric being too tight. FIT the largest part of your body and then ALTER to fit the rest of your body. Poorly fit clothing conveys a lack of confidence even if you have confidence.
  4.     Carry a nice pen. Yes, a nice pen will make you stand out. Do not carry anything plastic.
  5.     No BIG over-sized watches. That means, no trendy “Toy” watches or sport watches. If you don’t have a watch with simple face and leather band, don’t wear one.
  6.     Carry a portfolio (leather) that will contain your resume. If you do not have a leather portfolio, choose a nice folder or envelope that will serve to deliver an extra resume if needed. Ladies, either a brief case or handbag but not both. Preferably, a portfolio or briefcase.
  7.     Leave your cell phone in the car.
  8.     Arrive early so you will have time to park, go to the restroom, relax and assess your environment. Fifteen minutes is enough-no more.
  9.     Know how to deliver a good handshake. Aside from your first impression, a good handshake will tell your interviewer that you are confident and ready to engage. No bone-crushers, limp-fish, or pastoral handshakes.
  10.     There is no substitute for preparation. Aside from preparing for your answers, do your research on the company. Who will you be interviewing, what kind of company are they? How long have they been in business? What are their values? Do you know their mission statement?

When leaving the interview, it’s nice to know that you will be remembered not by what you didn’t do but by what you DID do! There’s no substitution for preparedness and it will show in our confidence, how you relate and communicate! “Knock ’em dead” and go get that job!


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