Tips for a Successful Job Interview


For many people when we finally land the job interview, the procedure virtually appears to be complete and we are merely waiting to see what time they want us to begin our first day. Having said that, you need to understand that your prospective employer will likely be interviewing a dozen or so equally passionate job seekers. What preparation you choose to do will certainly make the difference whether or not you will be hired or filed.

For this reason job interview coaching is vital. It is advisable to start fresh when you have learned that you have been offered a job interview and start a completely new course of action to ensure that you ace the interview and land the job.

Listed below are six steps that we believe will assist you to prepare yourself and ace the interview:


Step One – Research

Investigate pertinent information regarding the company and exactly how they handle their interviews. Excellent sources to gather information from are:

Their annual reports. Company press releases (go to Google News and type in their company name). “About Us” (or equivalent) area of their website. Anyone you already know that works or spent some time working for them. Utilizing this type of information, you will have a better picture about the company and enable you to prepare for the employer interview questions.


Second Step – Practice

Now that you have done your research, it’s time for you to practice answering questions. The ideal way to accomplish this is by receiving job interview coaching. This is because a job interview coach does not only give you directions in structuring your answers, they will at the same time show you how to boost your interpersonal communication skills and even more importantly enhance your self-confidence.

Job interview coaching not only assists you with standard interview questions; additionally, it can assist you to answer those tough questions that a number of employers prefer to use to evaluate how you cope with pressure situations. Do not forget that there are online sources for job interview coaching that make available to you less expensive alternatives to face to face coaching, such as telephone coaching or interview coaching through DVD and online video.


Third Step – Delivery

This is where your research, coaching and practise are important. If you’ve followed the steps above and invested in job interview coaching then you definately should have no difficulties nailing the interview and getting the job. Keep in mind, be confident without having to be cocky, be well prepared without sounding just like a robot, and most of all settle back and take your time.


Fourth Step – Impression

First impressions genuinely last for the reason that the way you look or handle yourself may influence the entire course of the interview. Keep in mind you only have one shot of making things right and other candidates will also be in line for the very same job that you are interested in.

Present yourself as the perfect candidate by smiling, have a firm handshake, and making eye contact with your interviewers. You need to dress to impress, the rule that it is always preferable to be over dressed than under dressed is especially critical with regards to job interviews. Make sure to make a strong first impression or your job interview might end before it has even started.


Fifth Step – Communication

Be aware that you are speaking with a person who may become your future boss, which means that being nervous or shy may perhaps come back to bite you. Engage your interviewer by asking sensible employee interview questions and displaying your enthusiasm and interest for the job. Don’t rush, think before you speak and at all times be honest.


Sixth Step – Follow Up

In today’s competitive job market, some employers receive an endless number of applicants for each job they post. A quick email or phone follow up or “thank you for your time” message can differentiate you from the rest of the applicants. Additionally, regardless of whether you get the job or not, it would be highly recommended to get business cards of the interviewer(s) and all the people you interacted along the way.

Hope these guidelines make it easier to land your dream job!


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