Working alongside one another to deal with youth challenges

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe has called on the South African Jewish board to assist government as it attempts to do something about the significant unemployment rate, particularly amongst the younger generation.

Speaking during the 46th conference of the South African Jewish Board, Motlanthe stated “until all of us work together to mentor, as a country, to educate and train the youth they are going to continue to be devoid of hope for a better future.”


Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe


He said South Africa was not insulated from uprising seen throughout the world headed by the youth for the reason that governments have not provided them with hope, while at the same time minority class groups persist to flaunt their wealth by way of conspicuous consumptive culture.

“Our country is not insulated from these issues notably for the reason that we have near to 2.8 million young adults between ages of 18 and 24 that happen to be unemployed and not in any institution of learning.

“This fact represents the ticking time bomb that threatens to aflame pent-up emotions and thoughts within the youth if not immediately addressed,” Motlanthe shared with the conference.

For this reason, he explained, it was vital to comprehend the current youth unrests as a general bellow of hungry calls for development, which must be tackled forthrightly and without delay.



“I think that the South African Jewish board of deputies is perfectly positioned to assist us answer many of these challenges due to the skills, knowledge and influence your members wields as major role players within the South African economy.”

The deputy president hoped that the Jewish Board of deputies would certainly assist inculcate and share the experiences and skills to help develop the remainder of the toiling majority of the country.

“The challenges are wide ranging however I am certain that the Jewish Board of deputies will continue to join initiatives for growth and job creation as the main artery that forms the life-line to our mutual future as South Africans.”

Source: BuaNews


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