The Value Of English As A Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL), or perhaps generally known as English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL), is the term for an intensive English language learning program or course undertaken by speakers of other languages.

To put it differently, ESL is really a training course that is intended to teach English to individuals whose native language is not English or who happen to be not necessarily proficient in this language or who are not able to fluently speak, write, or read English. Individuals throughout the world take ESL courses for numerous reasons.



In some cases, it may be for the successful completion of high school education or to get into a graduation course. Occasionally, it may possibly be to participate in an occupational or a professional training course. Aside from these, individuals take this program to boost their career. In a nutshell, the key objective of an ESL course is to make an individual proficient in the use of the English language.

English as a second language course is principally developed with an array of techniques and methodologies to develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills pertaining to the English language. The themes covered in English as a Second Language courses include things like grammar, use of idioms and phrasal verbs, picture dictionaries, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation. For the most part, the course is inclusive of a variety of activities, which among numerous others are:

– Imparting effective classes in conjunction with seminars and workshops for individuals and groups
– Preparing and developing helpful notes together with other materials on the English language
– Organizing schemes of work
– Tracking records of students
– Tailoring programs in accordance with the skills and requirements of candidates
– Implementation of most modern tools for training, including, multimedia and videoconferencing facilities

Having said that, the length of ESL programs are based on various levels, and range between couple weeks to several months or occasionally many years.


Based upon the skills and requirements of individuals, various kinds of English as a Second Language programs are offered. By way of example, you will find ESL programs exclusively developed for non-native English speaker business professionals, with subject areas concentrating on improvement of verbal comprehension, improved readability, proper usage of grammar and punctuation for successful business writing, and effective editing and proofreading.

Specialized packages can also be found for those involved in such professions as airline services, hotel management, and nursing. Similarly, you will find unique courses for students involved in advanced research programs.

Some advanced level ESL programs incorporate subject areas that lay emphasis on preparation of some type of exams, for instance, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and the Cambridge Exam. This kind of ESL program generally covers classes on the English grammar, vocabulary listening, and writing and speaking skills essential for university or college admission. In addition, for individuals who would like to boost their language skills within a specific area of professional study, in that case choosing ESL programs such as English for Specific programs might possibly be advantageous.

Most popular ESL programs include one to one instruction, independent study with the assistance of state-of-the-art learning tools, along with group instruction. Advanced General English courses and Conversational English Course are the other well known ESL programs. Let it be any kind of English as a second language program, the programs begins with instruction on basic skills in the language. After that, the training is switched over to the development of communication skills along with the various other modules of language training.



One of several key benefits associated with ESL programs is that it serves as a fantastic way to fill in the missing gap in your knowledge or skills, considering the fact that they are for the most part inclusive of innovative classes and educational events. An additional key advantage of this program is that it assists you to achieve success in desirable programs, which include TOEFL exam, which happens to be essential if you want to enroll or work in a school or firm in many countries.

However, the great benefits of an ESL programs are far beyond the educational and employment opportunities it renders. An ESL program can assist boost an individual’s linguistic skills, as a consequence making them adept in comprehending complexities arising caused by the language’s grammar not to mention meaning. Furthermore, incorporated into ESL programs’ advantages are enhanced social interaction skills coupled with opportunity to work in a creative environment.

Today, almost endless choices are available to take courses on English as a second language, with a multitude of highly regarded teaching centers and programs from which to choose.


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