Continuing Education for Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Government Regulators

It truly is incredible exactly how many rules and regulations are proposed by government bureaucrats and regulators requiring a variety of professionals who hold the necessary licenses to attend ongoing education classes. The majority of these courses are mundane, and more about demanding that the professionals submit to authority to continue to keep their licenses, rather than something that will assist the consuming public with necessary safety measures. In many regards as a business person this totally irks me for the reason that we have bureaucrats in government generating more and more rules and regulations year after year.

It appears as if they simply are unable to help themselves, and in addition they believe that anyone who transgresses one of their rules or regulations is unethical, an evil doer, or seeking to avoid their responsibility in protecting the general public. That is definitely simply not the situation, sometimes their rules and regulations fail to match the circumstances, additionally, the entrepreneur or business person is simply attempting to service their clients regardless of all the bureaucratic nonsense in the way.

After many years i have finally come to the conclusion that politicians, bureaucrats, and government regulators should have ongoing education for themselves. The reason being that a lot of them have never managed a business, or taken part in the free market system, as a result they just do not have an understanding of it.

Instead of the business community getting upset at all the nonsense, why not simply make it obligatory that these people being employed in the government learn the basics of the real world. Precisely what should we be teaching them? Here are three topics that could possibly be an excellent start;

1. Free Markets
2. Constitutional Refreshers
3. The Inefficiencies of Government Bureaucracies

For a start, it’s possible that they require some on-the-job training, and in actual fact work in a business, alongside a business owner to see and experience just how difficult it is to run and manage their operation considering all the absurd regulations which have been put forth. After that I think that they need to read Milton Friedman’s “The Right to Choose” and of course Ayn Rand‘s classics.

Last but not least, in my opinion these bureaucrats and politicians really need to take constitutional refresher courses to make sure they don’t promote laws which unfortunately impede our rights as citizens, business owners, or our right to free contract. The truth is, these individuals need to realize that bureaucracies are by their very nature inefficient, and as a consequence each and every time the government does more, they generate inefficiencies not efficiencies in free markets.

Like other professionals who are required to keep their licence’s valid, I believe tha same should apply for politicians, bureaucrats, and government regulators – ongoing education classes.

This only seems fair.

Source: Lance Winslow


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