10 Facebook Notifications That Should Be Added to the List

If you’ve ever looked at your Facebook notification choices, you know that you can get a notification for just about anything you or one of your friends does on Facebook. It will notify you if someone thinks you need a different profile picture. It’ll let you know every time someone likes what you like. However, there are a few notifications that you can’t request, as of yet. Here ten that Facebook could possibly add to their long list of notifications.

Friend Removal – You would think this one would be there. You get notified when someone accepts a friend request. Don’t you think that you should be notified when they remove you from their friend list? Why should you have to discover this on your own?

Group Creation – If someone invites you to a new group, you get a notification. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a notification that one of your friends has created a new group that you aren’t invited to, just so you could ask them why you weren’t invited?

App response – Do you send fun little apps to people and never get a thank you? People have the choice of accepting, declining or blocking those app requests. How come Facebook doesn’t tell you when someone declines your hug?

Non-invite to events – Facebook events are another area where you only get told about the events that you’ve been invited to. Is Facebook on ‘their’ side? Why doesn’t Facebook let you know when you’re being snubbed?

Postings Hidden – Wouldn’t you like to know who is hiding your postings on their home page? They keep you as a friend but don’t want to see what’s going on in your life or hear about the advances you’ve made in Farmville. It might be nice to know who finds you so annoying.

Proposed changes – Facebook tells us when a new layout is coming. Why don’t they send out notifications when they’re in the decision making stage and ask for our feedback? They could easily give us a vote in the matter instead of just springing it on us and letting us deal with it after it is all said and done.

Dual identities – We all know that people set up dual identities on Facebook using different email addresses. Why doesn’t Facebook sniff this out for us and let us know the various pseudonyms that our friends are using?

Changes to privacy settings – Facebook is great about notifying us about what our friends are doing, what we have done, what friends of friends have done, but they don’t seem to be that keen on sending out notifications about changes they’re doing internally. Why do we need to hear about these things through the Facebook grapevine?

Facebook rumors – Some companies will notify you when false rumors are flying around the net about them. It might be nice to get notifications that tell you to ignore the newest fear-based Facebook rumors that aren’t quite true.

Unauthorized posting – Have you ever had a spouse, child or sibling post something awful on your Facebook page when you walked away from the computer for awhile? They figured out how to create this monster social network. You’d think they could somehow notify you that you are being sabotaged.

Source: internetproviders.net


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