Hearts and Crafts June Newsletter

Joan Launspach has been intensely involved with crafts for more than 21 years. In 1989 Joan started teaching calligraphy after being retrenched because she was pregnant. During this time she saw the first decorative rubber stamps and knew immediately they would appeal to calligraphers. Using all their savings she bought a machine to make rubber stamps and Stamps Unlimited was created.

Within three weeks the machine had paid for itself and a week later broke in half from over-use! Her husband Mitch and a friend designed and constructed a more robust machine which is still operating today. Joan started with 20 designs and when she sold her business 10 years later she had over 1000 stamp designs and was employing 26 people. She was a finalist in the Small Business of the Year Award in 1996.

Joan kept up to date with trends and new ideas by attending the major craft shows and workshops in America and Europe.

Joan has taught crafts throughout South Africa and in Europe and because of her extensive knowledge and warm, easy-going manner of teaching there is always a huge demand for her classes and workshops.

Her busy schedule currently includes teaching crafts to disabled adults, entrepreneurial crafts to children, mixed craft classes to adults and training company staff members to do gift wrapping.

Joan also organises very popular craft days in aid of several charities.

As well as being an exceptional teacher Joan is herself a very talented crafts person and has produced some beautiful work in calligraphy, pewter, mosaics, origami, fabric painting and stamping, decoupage, gift presentation and paper making.




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