A common concern I hear as a coach is how to manage time. Whether you are a business executive, challenged by the demands of a high pressurized job; or a stay at home mom, struggling to meet the demands of your children and husband; or a working parent, desperate to find balance between family and career; time just doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s side!


Here are my tips on how to make time work for you:

Distinguish between URGENT and IMPORTANT. So often we are running around doing urgent things, but not everything that is urgent is important. Have a look at your priorities and decide which are the most important, then determine their level of urgency. Complete the list in that order.

Get HELP! It is not always easy to ask for help, or to admit you need it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, rather a courageous step in acknowledging what is important and doing whatever is necessary to get it done. We cannot achieve our dreams by ourselves. Find support around you, by either delegating to team members, phoning a friend, or hiring some help.

Do the things you avoid FIRST. I like to get the things I least like doing out of the way first thing in the morning, then I have the rest of the day to focus on the things I enjoy. I find my day is a lot more pleasant and productive. Instead of having this “thing” hanging over my head.

Start EARLIER or end later. There is more time in the day, we just need to choose how we use those times. I find getting up earlier allows me time to do the important things first, without distraction. There is always time in the day, but it’s the choice on how we use our time, that makes the difference.

Are you BUSY doing NOTHING? As much as technology is helping us, I find that it can be very distracting and is taking up too much of our valuable time. Facebook, Twitter, email etc. is becoming all consuming. And we are distracting ourselves from what is really important. Limit your time on social media sites and email to twice a day. It’s amazing how much time this will free you to focus on the important things.

Make sure there is time for YOU. Too often we spend all our time running after others, making sure their needs are met. When it comes to managing your time, you need to ensure that you make time for yourself, whether its going to gym, spending time with friends, or taking part in an enjoyable hobby.

And finally the most important thing to do with our time is to use it WISELY. Life is short. So take the time to ask yourself important questions: Where is my life headed? Am I happy with the direction my life is going? Am I making the most of my talents and abilities? If I keep on spending my time like I currently am, where will I be 10 years from now?

Your time, is just that, your time! Live intentionally and make every moment count.


Where does the time go?

Time seems to be flying by, and for many of us the goals we set in January are fading away as quickly as the winter sun. If you need some mid year motivation to achieve your goals, or at least get back in the drivers seat of your life, join me for an inspiring and fun day.

The MID YEAR MOTIVATION SEMINAR is a 1 day interactive and personal journey, where you can step back and look at your life holistically. It’s a chance for you to take the time to evaluate where you are headed… Is it where you want to go? If not, how do you get to where you want to be?

A small change now will impact greatly on your future.

DATE: Saturday 2 July 2011
PLACE: Venue to be advised, (Johannesburg, Northern Suburbs, Fourways area)
TIME: 09h00 – 16h00
COST: R550 per person
SPECIAL: Bring a friend and you each receive a 25% discount
INCLUDES: Refreshments, Lunch and Seminar Notes PLUS lucky draws!

TO BOOK: Email Jacqui on or call on 082 598 1264

For more information visit our website


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