Setas to receive total makeover

Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande

Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande and Sectoral Education and Training Authorities (Setas) have decided to delve further into plans to completely transform the Seta landscape.

The agreement, which had been reached at a meeting in Johannesburg last Monday, established that there was clearly an vital need to build up an acceptable skills base that will seek to promote economic growth and development in South Africa.

This comes after the Labour Court decided that Nzimande had surpassed his powers with regards to the Skills Development Act by significantly modifying the constitution that determines exactly who controls the Services Seta. The new constitution should preferably oversee all the other 20 Setas.

However in their declaration, the department and Seta, stated: “The forum totally endorses the minister’s new vision. All of us state that we will co-operate with the minister and carry on and interact with him concerning all transformation matters, as well as the planned modifications to the Seta landscape.”

The forum as outlined by its chairperson, Joel Dikgole said they “completely support the minister’s transformation processes. We have been perfectly conscious that the Seta sector requires immediate transformation to deal with critical shortages of skills and resource training of our people.”

Dikgole re-iterated their help and support for the appointment of independent chairpersons as suggested by Nzimande.

In addition, the Seta Forum unreservedly welcomed the chance to interact with with the department on issues of skills development, and unconditionally distanced itself from the ongoing case at the Labour Court between the Department and the Services Seta.

For his part, Nzimande turned down the misconstrued rationale that only one Seta is executing its duties optimally. He pointed out that despite the fact that there is certainly a need for improvement on the work that the Setas are performing, there is a great deal of excellent work that is happening in many Setas.

“All the Setas are generally performing well in this country and we must not accept the deceptive reports that there exists a super Seta,” added Nzimande.

Source: BuaNews


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