Nursing opportunity for South Africa’s jobless

In an attempt to make sure that far more out of work individuals receive an opportunity to get into the employment market, the Gauteng Department of Labour, as a result of its Public Employment Service Unit, has joined up with with the Gauteng Department of Health in order to recruit applicants for nursing options available.

All those showing an interest have only one month to get their applications in. The due date is 29 April 2011, thereafter all applicants who fulfill the academic prerequisites are going to be evaluated.

The group of applicants with the most potential are going to be referred to the Gauteng Department of Health for the last selection stage of interviews.

As outlined by Mishack Magakwe, the provincial labour department’s spokesperson, the actual collaboration involving the two departments will see in excess of 800 out of work individuals signed up for a four-year nursing diploma course which will consist of theoretical and practical training in various hospitals in and around Gauteng province.

Registered out of work individuals are processed against set requirements produced by Gauteng’s Department of Health, and those that successfully pass the primary screening process will most certainly be further evaluated by Department of Labour career counsellors to ascertain their unique potential.

Assisting the jobless

The particular undertaking has been in development ever since January 2010, when the two government departments hosted their first joint meeting. The Department of Health offered its authorization to recruit individuals in April 2010.

As a result of the project’s initial good results, the Department of Labour was in fact requested to recruit for a second time with regard to 2012’s intake.

Last year’s recruitment drive saw 742 successful applicants entering the four-year nursing diploma, which began in January 2011. Students will be given a salary when participating in training.

The actual venture is designed to help unemployed individuals signed up with the Department of Labour’s database to gain access to placement opportunities.

The whole process of signing up unemployed individuals, subsequent recruitment and assessments, in addition to registration of vacancies, is provided at 26 departmental labour centres within the Gauteng region and their services and assistance is rendered free of charge.



For more information, contact Gauteng Department of Labour and Gauteng Department of Health directly



Career Guide to Nursing


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30 thoughts on “Nursing opportunity for South Africa’s jobless

  1. Greetings

    I was just wondering how do i get information regarding the western cape, it has been an ongoing challenge that the nursing students here do not receive a ‘salary’. There is continuously problems with the bursary with false deductions in the form of double subjects, registration fees etc etc. Nursing is very demanding and very rewarding however with the economic circumstance how is it that its expected that the students will follow through the complete four years when quite literally we work maybe ten weeks in clinical hours obviously without pay, if its looked at its working 12 hour shifts, like permanent staff on a specific shift for almost three months for a signature,yes of course clinical practice is needed, however it really needs to be considered as to what the nursing students have to go through and what we are exposed to. We have no official form of representation and the communication is very poor, its extremely frustrating and demotivating.

  2. I have applied 4 nursing and written the psychometric assessment but don’t know when do they normally call people for final stage interview. this is my last hope i need it.

  3. this year i wrote my psychometric assesment test last week and it was great im just waiting 4 the final call i have good hopes 4 this year

  4. I wrote the nursing assesment test on march 2012 at the department of labour in Attridgeville.I am still waiting for a reply.Please contant me even if i didnt qualify.This is my last hope

  5. hey guys I’ve been applying since from 2008, the were times that I wanted to give up but I didn’t don’t worry guys lets all hang in there they will call us, well I wrote the psychometric test on may at johannesburg Mrs Pudi said they will start calling from august!

  6. Hi guys,i’m sorry to hear that you had hardly heard anything from them.I applied this year and i did wrote the assessment test and hopefully i had been contacted twicely,firstly it was a little mendment of my particulars and secondly they said i must choose which hospital is my choice of interviewing place.I probably think what they take into consideration is your results ascertaining your grade12 and your test obviously.Guys you need to be patient and we must bare something in our mind that they are lot of guys out there who had applied and unfortunately they had to recruit 800 nurses.We must be optimistic and only God knows when we will be called and this saga will be much easier if we can get clear and precise info from someone who had recruit already.Let us not lose temper guys!!!

  7. hey i applied first time this year i wrote the test and they called me to prepare me for an interview but they didnt say specifically its for the coure but hopefully they will call for the interview any more infor plz rispmd

  8. I also wrote the assessment in March, but up to this far, nothing has happened. I really need this opportunity please Gauteng Health

  9. Hi.

    I am in Gauteng, to be precise in Soweto (Protea Glen) and would like to know how and when will the Department of Labour/Health notify the successful applicants since registrations took place four months ago.

    I would like to know were I stand before rejecting better offers out there.

    Your urgent response hereto will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards.


  10. I had been waiting for the call to invite me to an interview since i wrote the psychometric assessment. So i would like to know wether the selection process is still taking place because it had been a long time. Please help i really want this oppoturnity .

  11. They had noted that if you had not been called by Department of Labour until 31July consider your application unsuccessful and I guess thats the procedure they tend to use…Goodluck guys…and they are no intakes[INTERVIEWS] that had been directed yet…let us be patient guys.

  12. Malebo that’s really bad. I wasn’t called for an interview preparation and in Brakpan labour centre no one was called for it. I’ve just received the call telling me to go to Bara for an interview and last year I also went for an interview at Bara but it was on 21/09/2011 and I didn’t make it, aleast this year I was called earlier than last year. There is something that has been said by that guy who is working in the student affair at Bara College. He said no sometimes they do not call us because the number that they are looking for has been reached not because you have failed or something. So guys even if they didn’t call you this year don’t give up try again next year. Your day will come. I’m also going to apply again next year if I will not make it again this year.

  13. I think they have finished end of September coz now they are busy with the exams for the students at the colleges. they are writing their year-end exams then after that they will start calling those who have made it in the interviews. This thing is painful. I was crying everyday in January when my brother in law phoned me and say they have been called and their going to the camp in the first week of January.

  14. Hi Malebo. I’m happy to hear that. I like people like you who doesn’t loose hope so easy. It means that a person who told me that they are finished didn’t know what she was talking about. Yes it’s true it is the panel interview. You get in as a group of six and there are four people that are going to ask you questions. They ask a question and all of you must give the answer for that same question. If they call you I don’t know how would you contact me so that I can give you some tips. I don’t how can you maybe give me your cell number or email address because here I don’t think that it is safe or may if you can give me your name and surname so that I can search for you on facebook atleast there we can Inbox each other. But there is nothing difficult in the interview as I have said it depends whether your season has come or not. Even the psycometric test that we wrote was difficult than the interview.

  15. Thoko I went to Bara for an interview and they only asked us four questions. I hope we will make it. You said they are going to call the successful candidates on 15 November neh. I hope we will be some of those who will be called.

  16. Hi Thoko you know what I think is the number that they were looking for was enough coz there was nothing difficult I think that was the main problem because I went for the interview on 21 September last year you see how late it was. I hope they will call us this year coz atleast they called me for an interview a month earlier than last year.

  17. Hi guys you so quiet these days. Is everything ok? Thoko how are you feeling as it is the end of October now. I can’t wait for November to begin so that I can see if they call me or not.

  18. Let’s put our hope in God gal. For now let us tell ourselves that we are one of those who will be called and if it didn’t happen it’s fine Thoko kuzobe isikhathi besingakafiki sisi. Sizozama futhi next year. Hhayi ukuthi ngoba sizobe sihlulekile cha kuzobe asikafiki isikhathi sethu I wish you and myself a goodluck. Nawe ungazise if bekufonelile nami I will let you know. Are you on not on fb? would you pls tell me ukuthi ungubani so that I will invite u

  19. I wonder why people from department of health are doing this to us we’ve applied for this nursing course in March but since then we are still waiting if you phone them they keep on telling you that the selection is not done yet. How long must we wait to hear if we have been successful or not. This thing is painful, waiting for the results for the whole year. It is realy hurting.

  20. Can anyone please tell me how do they do interview selections at Bara. I’ve been there twice but everytime they say the successful candidates have been called. What do they want for you to pass the interview because that interview is not difficult even the psychometric test is harder than the interview. I think I need to do the follow up this time maybe they will tell me what is it that they want and I don’t have or I’m not doing. Real I don’t know what to do now because there is no one that you may think was speaking better English than everyone there. This thing is painful.

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