Rural youth skills programme bears fruit

The whole process of developing South Africa’s rural regions took a huge leap forward when teenagers were given certificates for finishing the first phase of their skills empowerment programme.

An overall total of 500 teenagers from the country’s rural areas managed to graduate and obtained their certificates from Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti at De Brug Military Base in Bloemfontein last Thursday.

The graduate students successfully concluded a seven-week long basic training course of the new National Rural Youth Corps (NARYSEC) aided by the Department of Defence and Military Veterans.

Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti

The NARYSEC is actually a two-year programme geared towards skills development and job creation for young adults coming from the 3 300 rural wards in the country, who happen to be between the ages of 18 and 35 and in addition have at the very least passed grade 10.

The very first group to graduate from the NARYSEC had been signed up for training with the objective of equipping all of them with theoretical and practical knowledge, coupled with leadership skills designed to assist them to think and view life in a different way.

Addressing the graduates, Nkwinti mentioned they were planning to empower around 20 000 young adults coming from the countryside.

“With this particular project, government is without a doubt showing that it truly takes young adults interests seriously,” he stated.

Immediately after concluding their two-year training programme, Nkwinti stated the future leaders have the opportunity to assist their own communities making use of their useful skills by way of establishing employment opportunities for themselves together with their people.


“This, at the end of the day, is going to result in the foreseeable future growth and development of our nation as a result of these graduate students and in their upcoming phase, they are going to perform house profiling to ascertain residence requirements within their smaller communities.

“After that, they are going to undertake training in construction work to enable them to build houses, roads and ablution facilities throughout their residential areas,” he was quoted saying.

Nkwinti pointed out that following the completion of the comprehensive training, the group are going to be let loose within their respective rural communities, where they make use of their skills and expertise to develop their village infrastructure.

Despite the fact that the graduates obtained training from the Defence Department, they, however, did not go through military training.

For graduate, Selinah Hlakane from Mid-Vaal in Gauteng, the courses made it easier for her to learn to think out of the box.

“Now that I have obtained this kind of mind-sharpening instruction, I most certainly will under no circumstances regard and permit poverty to destruct my personal character as well as those of my peers around my village. After I return home, I am going to mobilise other young adults to ensure that we are able to interact with each other to bring about development when it comes to our community,” she explained.

Lieutenant General Derrick Mgwebi pointed out that he was thrilled that graduates are going to go back to their homes accompanied by a completely different life strategy.

“All of us taught the values adn ideals of being a South African, respect, negotiation skills in addition to leadership skills not to mention that our working relationship with them will last forever,” he said.


For more information about this programme, please CLICK HERE for contact details.


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  1. I am a 20 year old from mpumalanga at thembisile hani local municipality in the nkangala region . My question:I want to be part of NARYSEC but i dont know where to start because the people who are in this learnership don’t want to give out information please help

    1. To Happiness

      Thank you for your question with regards to NARYSEC programme. We suggest your contact the Department for Rural Development and Land Reform directly to get more information about the programme and air your views and opinion. For contact information – click here

      Thank you,

      My Dream Course Support Team

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