More sport and physical exercise on the cards for SA learners

South Africa Parliament’s Select Committee on Education and Recreation has supported ideas to have sports and physical eduction as an element of the school curriculum.

Having said that, it has brought up a number of questions on the subject of whether the Department of Basic Education had sensible programs in place to operate an effective programme which unfortunately had taken on board disadvantaged schools in rural areas and townships.

Basic Education chief director Themba Kojana made an appearance before the committee to provide a briefing regarding the growth and development of school sport in the country.

By way of Action Plan 2014, Kojana said they planned to promote “mass involvement in school sport” through process of creating school leagues and thus entrenching sports and physical eduction.

The training of teachers when it comes to physical education, despite the fact that it is not a new thing, has been arranged to commence next month.

Following on from the legacy from the FIFA World Cup in schools, the Departments of Basic Education and Sport and Recreation have established a task team in order to develop an Integrated School Sport Plan. The task team are going to now deliver a presentation of the plan to other ministers.

Kojana revealed that pay channel Supersport flighted instructional classes on physical education and teacher development, at the same time Redcap Foundation and Sportstec backed them with subject matter development and distribution to provinces.

Certainly one of numerous questions, committee members needed to find out was when the integrated plan might possibly be tabled, precisely how learners are going to be assessed when it comes to sports and physical eduction in addition to development on teacher training with regard to physical education.

In addition, they would like to fully understand whether or not the department had got into contact with local authorities in an effort to provide significantly better sporting facilities with respect to disadvantaged schools.

Independent Democrats committee member John Gunda stated that a lot more attention ought to be paid to rural schools, at the same time COPE’s Swaphi Hendrick wanted to understand how the department was planning to contend with school sporting at district level.

The ANC’s Pinky Mcube recommended that the programme needs to be aggressively marketed. Her comments were echoed by committee chairperson Wendy Makgate, who said sports and physical eduction needs to be given serious attention and also monitored in schools.

While Kojana responded to a number of the questions, he explained that he was “learning and took note of the committee’s creative ideas.”

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