President Zuma appeals for real job creation partnerships

President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has recently admitted the fact that the government by themselves probably will not be capable to create the job opportunities South Africa urgently requires, and has now called on the country’s private sector to come on board when it comes to the job creation drive.

Zuma shared with the SABC, during an interview, the fact that the government would need to partner along with other social partners in order to accomplish its employment goals and objectives.

“It truly is nothing like the type of predicament which might be encountered by one, it’s actually a difficult task that will require every one of us to participate in, to some extent it really is a national challenge that will require all of us … it requires the government, it requires business, it requires the unions,” Zuma explained.

R9-billion jobs fund

As part of his State of the Nation address, Zuma revealed that the government will set up a job opportunities fund of R9-billion over the up coming three years in an effort to finance completely new job-creation projects, at the same time private sector would receive billions in tax breaks in order to stimulate job growth in manufacturing.

The government has recently recognized job creation amongst five key priorities that will be dealt with during the upcoming medium-term time frame.

During his address in Parliament, Zuma stated that the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) had appropriated R10-billion over the upcoming five years for the purpose of financial commitment in economic activities that have high job creation possibilities.

Departments are additionally instructed to table their particular plans and strategies concerning employment creation, at the same time a strategy is going to be devised to make certain that all vacant posts within the public sector are filled.

Carrying out things in a different way

The President declared that even though the state will undoubtedly be performing its part, it is going to demand all the help and support it could possibly get to tackle the “unacceptably” high unemployment rate in the country.

“The truth is the fact that we will need to alter the approach in which we are generally doing things … You will definitely appreciate that I mentioned we are planning to combine all of the small financial institutions which have been doing business for instance with the economic activities assisting businesses.”

The government would need to furthermore make certain that South Africa’s state-owned enterprises be roped in the job creation drive by means of internship training programmes and learnerships.

“Public enterprises will be looked into rigorously … as they quite simply must make sure that they come on board. One important thing we are going to be considering here is to make sure that we employ individuals who meet the criteria for the jobs.”

Education, health, social welfare

Looking at education, health and social welfare, Zuma reiterated the fact that education would certainly continue to be the main focus of his current administration, cautioning that squandering of teaching time would not be accepted or tolerated.

“We have made the correct choice by making education the apex of our priorities; we proceeded to go even further to split the department which was basically extremely big as well as the inclination at the time was the fact that the concentration was on higher level as opposed to the basic.

“Now we have developed a 10-point plan within the level of basic education, and I believe we are undertaking the right strategy.”

To take control of poverty and give a boost to social security, Zuma explained that the government would utilize the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme unveiled throughout provinces such as Limpopo along with the Eastern Cape during the past year to guarantee economic activity when it comes to rural areas.

The government bodies in addition intended to provide a third of the 1.2-million South African homeowners residing in informal settlements security of tenure within the next three years.

Men and women in rural areas possessed the relevant skills and abilities required to take care of livestock, and additionally methods will be investigated to permit individuals to utilize these skills and abilities for economic benefits, Zuma stated.

“Why don’t we facilitate dairy farming and say we are going to provide cattle for them so that they have the ability to take care of cattle within their herd, they could produce milk and make it avaliable on the market to allow them to be in a position to generate some income, and I also are of the opinion that there are various other pursuits you can easily perform.”

Regarding health, Zuma said the long-awaited National Health Insurance policy could well be made public in the near future and, in preparation for the scheme, the government planned to enhance health care this year by way of appointing suitable not to mention qualified personnel to the right positions.

“All of us require qualified and competent heads of department, chief financial officers, hospital chief executive officers, district health officers and clinic managers,” Zuma explained.

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