Keep that holiday feeling all year with YOGA

You deserve this…


Keep that holiday feeling throughout the year with yoga – as it is good for mental health (stress relief), physical health (toning and strengthening and losing weight), emotional health (a calmer more relaxed outlook) and to LOOK and FEEL VITAL.


You cannot change anything without actually making some change – it might mean changing how you think about something, or actively changing the kinds of decisions you keep making for yourself. So if your plan this year is to get fit and healthy, mentally emotionally and physically, then you will have to do something about it…a small step is to begin a yoga class once a week….regularity is far more important than erratic behavior and also will yield greater results.


We are offering a 10 day special to give you a hand in making change…NO sign-up fees, no long term contracts, simply 10 days.


It is 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for only R110 including mat hire. We have 2 – 3 yoga classes on offer a day from Monday to Sunday.


Yup, you could attend 20 yoga classes in 10 days if your schedule allows, to kick-start your system and feed your determination to get back into habits that serve you best!

Or you could attend 2 classes in ten days, and still get value for money, and still feel amazing, and keep up the slow but steady pace for the rest of the year.


It is 1,5 weeks of access to all and any classes on our schedule to allow you to try us out, the styles of yoga, the teachers’ influence on the styles of yoga, to find your perfect fit and to find a rhythm of attendance, so you can make an informed decision about what will work for you long term and the package/contract that will best serve that.


It is a must. ALL classes on the schedule are perfect for beginners except for 2…if you wish to be conservative in your approach, then avoid the Monday 4.30pm class and the Saturday 7am class. Every other class is suitable for beginners.


For Discovery members, you can also earn VITALITY points each time you come to yoga. (limited to once a day).


It is easy. To sign up, just show up 15 minutes early for a class of your choice, the class that starts your ten day cycle.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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