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The goals and functions of Visual Skills School as a private tertiary institution are unique. The school follows a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, development of creativity and applied knowledge, drawing from appropriate art disciplines (photography, design and fine arts) to cultivate a wider skills application in the visual media industry.

Our Vision

VSS’s vision is to constantly strive to  improve study material through research, experiments and creative exercises to empower students in an environment conducive to learning and creativity.

The theoretical foundations of each subject are taught in-depth as a basis from where practical application is to follow. Accordingly, theory and practice are considered to be interdependent aspects in the development of a student for the workplace.

To mobilize the inherent creativity in students, VSS’s philosophy is to embrace the dynamic nature of the visual media industry by exploring different genres and art media. All VSS lecturers constantly update course material to allow for new developments in the realm of photography, visual communication and business, as well as for technological and scientific advances.

Registration 2011

Registration closes 15 January 2011 for the diploma course in photography & visual arts which commences on 19 January 2011, as well as the first short courses, ie basic photography, advanced photography and digital graphic design which commences on 17 January 2011.

Basic Courses run quarterly and registrations are accepted throughout the year.

Day courses such as macro photography, flash photography, portrait photography, darkroom and digital workflow (Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop) are available on enquiry.

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