USA students traveling to South Africa for education and training

The volume of US citizens learning at South African educational institutions has grown by 12.4 % the last academic year, stated the United States Embassy.

Based on the Open Doors Report, which happens to be released every year through the Institute of International Education (IIE), the volume of college students has increased from 3 700 to 4 160 individuals.

There are many more American college students learning in South Africa educational facilities when compared to every other sub-Saharan country.

“All these foreign students are inspiring figures for South Africa. This twelve percentage growth rate in North American college students in South Africa seriously demonstrates the effectiveness of the higher education program here in this country, together with the solid relationship connecting US and South African organizations of higher education,” Clara Priester, the Education USA Regional Director for East and Southern Africa — located at the American Consulate in Johannesburg — said on Monday.

Priester also stated the US was looking towards increasing the quantity of students who visit this region from the United States, not to mention South Africans who study in the USA.

“It is precisely this kind of exchange that will strengthens friendly relationship and understanding between nations around the world.”

Throughout 2009/10, South Africa sent 1 656 college students to United States universities and colleges.

Globally, the volume of international university students learning in recognised US colleges increased by 2.9 % to 690 923 in the academic year 2009/10, in spite of the international economic downturn.

The particular survey additionally declared that Sub-Saharan Africa demonstrated a tiny loss of eight percent from 32 728 students in 2008/09 to 32 121 in 2009/10.

The top 10 Africa nations sending individuals to study in the united states account for 84% of the 32 121 college students. Nigeria filled the first place for the second year in a row, followed by Kenya and Ghana. South Africa, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, C”te d’Ivoire, and Uganda in 10th place .