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Your BEE or Transformation Team Deserves a “Thank You!”

In most sectors, 2010 has been a tough year: the Soccer World Cup has come and gone, the effects of the global economic meltdown is still permeating our economy, the political landscape seems ever-changing, and the demands on our time and resources just continue to escalate …

In most industries, the BEE or Transformation Team has been hard at work this year formulating strategies, implementing initiatives, aligning multiple legislative requirements, gathering documentation, and doing their best to get your organisation as compliant as possible.

To strengthen their dynamics as a team, and build a formidable force for 2011, why not reward your BEE or Transformation Team with a unique experience to Constitutional Hill or Alexandra Township.

Constitutional Hill is the site of our Constitutional Court, the cornerstone of our new democracy, as well as the old prison that held both Madiba and Gandhi.

This environment acts as a palimpsest (a surface on which the original writing has been erased to make way for new writing, but upon which traces of the old writing remain visible).  This juxtaposition of the past and the present can help us understand the possibilities of the future.

At Constitutional hill, walk through the old prison, go into the isolation cells in the women’s prison, spend time in Madiba’s cell, and go into the actual main court room, where our Constitutional court hearings are held.

Explore what race means in a society that strives to be non-racist, and place our history into context.

Experience first-hand one of the most vibrant, densely-populated places in South Africa!

Why did Alexandra Township survive during the forced removal policies of the National Party government, when District Six, Dukathole and Sophiatown did not?   Alexandra’s journey from farmland to receiving a Scroll of Honour from the United Nations is a fascinating story of an unusual friendship, and the enduring spirit of a community to survive, against all odds.

Encounter the potential in people, by hearing the stories of small business owners who are making a tangible difference.  These include small entrepreneurs who won the Standard Bank’s Entrepreneur awards for 2009, as well as an orphanage that does what it can to help those who are too small to help themselves.

Discover a part of Johannesburg you never knew existed, and which few people will experience!


Constitutional Hill – R 7 500 Excl VAT for in-house company groups up to 12 persons

Alexandra Township – R 9 500 Excl VAT for in-house company groups up to 12 persons

For groups larger than 12 persons, please enquire to Brian Hendrikz on 011 442 2433 or by e-mail on

Do you want to experience these trips by yourself, or do you only have a few people in your team?  No problem!  Join an Immersion trip for only R 750 Excl VAT per person

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