Bursaries up for grabs in Mpumalanga

The Mpumalanga Department of Health is calling on students who have a good academic record but no finances for studies to apply for one of the 123 bursaries it has on offer.

The bursaries are for aspirant or existing students in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, radiography, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, and speech and hearing therapy.

Department spokesman Mpho Gabashane said the bursaries would only be awarded to pupils and students residing in Mpumalanga.

“After they’ve completed their degrees, they will be required to work for the department in Mpumalanga for four years to pay off the bursaries,” he said.

Those interested can obtain bursary forms from their nearest hospitals or the department’s page on the local government’s website, www.mpumalanga.gov.za.

“Applicants must attach a copy of their ID and their mid-year matric results or academic records if they are already at university.

“We also need the payslip of applicants’ parents or guardians, and an affidavit if the parents are not working,” said Gabashane.

Gabashane said the department was funding 508 students studying across South Africa. “We also have 63 students who are studying medicine in Cuba through the South African-Cuban medicine programme,” he added.

Source: BuaNews


5 thoughts on “Bursaries up for grabs in Mpumalanga

  1. To whom it may concern

    I need to know that why are all bursaries available for student who are studying any course that has to do with maths, if this is the only way forward why are South African schools still offering the other subjects that are not covered, is the South African Department of Education just making those subjects available for learners who opt for them to be able to read and write only, and then pass matric but no bursary would be available for you, I am saying this because I experienced this before… i passed my matric in 2008 but I could not go to school because of because of lack of information and assistance but but the no:1 hinder was money… but now i am fortunate NSFAS offered me a loan and currently I am doing LLB Degree at the University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg but I still need a bursary please help

  2. I want to study photography but dont have matric,will that be a stumbling block for me. I am 31yrs old and live in Mamelodi. Im interested in studying black & white & wedding photography but dont have the funds,is there funding for people like me? please respond!!!

  3. im even tired looking for bursaries for management course and i endup think i had choosen a wrong course,because all bursaries its all about maths and sciences course.whats the using of studyng cormmence where else no bursaries are provided for its courses.why dont s.a department of education cancel it and offer maths and science to all schools.can you please help management student because i think even manegement is important in a working place.if we all study engineerings who is going to manege even in a market place.let these bursary offering be fair to every course.i hope these will be benefitial to our S.A

  4. I even decided to change my degree to education so that I should get a bursary because the degree I am doing doesn’t have bursaries.The government must make it a point that each and every tertiary student has a bursary because NSFAS alone can not be able to help on students needs. At the end of the day I will be a teacher who doesn’t like his work just because I went to teaching only because the are bursaries. please help the Titanic is sinking as we speak.

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