The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law with Albie Sachs

The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law with Albie Sachs

Transcend – Broad-Based BEE training, B-BBEE Scorecard Software and B-BBEE consulting services invites you to join Ex Justice Albie Sachs (Guest Speaker) at Constitutional Hill – 29th of September 2010

Former Constitutional Court Justice and Winner of the Sunday Times Literary Award for his book

“The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law”

Do you really understand South Africa today, or is the focus on the Broad-Based BEE scorecard rather than on sustainable transformation? We as Transcend, in our decade of transformation experience, have come to realize that people change – not through intellectual debate and information alone – but rather through an emotional catalyst to frame the change.

Our Immersion Experience is designed to provide this context of personal insight.

To achieve this unique perspective, we are offering you the chance to join us on an Immersion experience that will provide you with an overview of the past, present and future socio-political and business context of South Africa

Albie Sachs

About Albie Sachs

During the 1980s working closely with Oliver Tambo, leader of the ANC in exile, he helped draft the organisation’s Code of Conduct, as well as its statutes. After recovering from the bomb he devoted himself full-time to preparations for a new democratic Constitution for South Africa. In 1990 he returned home and as a member of the Constitutional Committee
and the National Executive of the ANC took an active part in the negotiations which led to South Africa becoming a constitutional democracy. After the first democratic election in 1994 he was appointed by President Nelson Mandela to serve on the newly established Constitutional Court.

The venue – Constitutional Hill

Constitutional Hill is the site of both our Constitutional Court and the old prison that held Nelson Mandela (Madiba) and Gandhi.
This environment acts as a palimpsest (a surface on which the original writing has been erased to make way for new writing, but upon which traces of the old writing remain visible).

This helps us to get the past and the present into some sensible framework.

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