Nemisa Open Day

The National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa – NEMISA came into being as an institution of education and learning, specializing in teaching the production and technical skills applicable to the TV, radio and broadcasting industries. Formed as part of a government initiative in 1998, its fundamental purpose was to train previously disadvantaged individuals, particularly women, and equip them with the skills necessary to play significant roles in the broadcasting environment. NEMISA operates from a modern office and studio complex centrally situated in Parktown, Johannesburg.

Now, it is clear, that with the ongoing evolution of technologies, new priorities have emerged, for which new types of creator-technicians are required. These individuals are critical to South Africa’s role in the digital age, and in order to provide these talents NEMISA will itself have to change, radically, adopting a new mandate and moulding a new NEMISA.

The newly revitalized institute will now offer meaningful, targeted, relevant coursework covering the entire spectrum of the production activities serving the converging technologies for digital content production. It will offer training in all the disciplines essential in the emerging world where video, sound, graphics, animation, telephony and data meet in the merger of computers, satellites, television and Internet. It is this mix of communications matter that is broadly labelled “Convergence”, and which holds the key to a large part of our future.

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